Department of Physics, Astronomy and Materials Science


  • Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education – Secondary Education/Physics (MSEd)
  • Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation – Secondary Education/Physics (MSEd)

General Information

Pre-engineering preparation

The Department of Physics, Astronomy and Materials Science, the Department of Mathematics, and the collaborative Engineering Program Office share student advisement for all pre-engineering areas. Most students select a major in one of the two departments or continue on with the collaborative Engineering Program. Contact either department or the Engineering Program Office for more information.

Program requirements and restrictions

Mathematical preparation

The mathematical preparation (or lack thereof) in high school strongly governs the point at which a student should begin a physics major. Since there are at least six different levels of beginning students in this discipline, it is imperative that these students consult a member of the physics staff as soon as possible, preferably before their first semester in attendance.

Dated courses

Courses taken more than 10 years before graduation are subject to review and possible rejection by the department faculty.