Department of Mathematics


  • Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education – Mathematics (BSEd); Secondary Education/Mathematics (MSEd)
  • Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation – Mathematics (BSEd); Secondary Education/Mathematics (MSEd)

General information

Math placement

An appropriate placement is required prior to taking any of the entry level mathematics courses beyond MTH 101 as noted in the course prerequisite. Students can use their ACT or SAT math sub score or the results from the Department of Mathematics Placement Test to determine their appropriate math placement level. In the event that the placement determined by the ACT or SAT sub score and the departmental test are different, the student may choose either one after consulting with an advisor.

If you do not have transfer credit for MTH 103 or higher, then your placement in mathematics at Missouri State will be based on your math score from the ACT or SAT.

View placement using ACT and SAT Math Sub Score

If you do not have either transfer credit or ACT or SAT math scores, then you must either take the math placement exam or begin your math sequence at Missouri State with MTH 101 (Intermediate Algebra I). If you have MTH elective credit in transfer (MTH 000) that needs to be re-evaluated to help determine your placement more appropriately, email the Department of Mathematics. Also, if you have successfully completed an introductory (non-transferable) algebra course at a college, you may receive permission to begin with MTH 103 (Intermediate Algebra). You may also choose to take the placement exam if you are not satisfied with your placement based on your ACT or SAT math sub score. It is recommended to complete the placement exam prior to registration if possible. You may do so by participating in the scheduled testing sessions during SOAR or call the Mathematics Department at 417-836-5112 to schedule an appointment.

Having your ACT or SAT scores sent

If you will need your ACT or SAT scores for placement purposes, be sure to request that they be sent to us if you have not already done so. Consult ACT or SAT for more information. If your scores are on your high school transcript, you may also have your official high school transcript sent to us.

Arranging to take the mathematics placement test

If you need (or choose) to take the math placement test, you may do so by participating in the scheduled testing sessions during SOAR or call the Mathematics Department, Cheek 10M, 417-836-5112 to schedule an appointment. Adult and evening students may also contact the Office of Adult Student Services, 417-836-6929 or 800-492-7900. You should arrange to have your ACT or SAT scores sent or take the math placement test before you register for your first semester at Missouri State University.

About the mathematics placement test

The one-hour placement test administered by the Mathematics Department will consist of fifty questions in three components: basic algebra, advanced algebra, and trigonometry. Students will have an option to attempt only the basic algebra portion during the first thirty minutes and turn in the test if they so desire. They are, however, strongly encouraged to attempt the whole test. There is no charge for the mathematics placement test, and there is no need to sign up in advance. However, the placement test can only be taken once. Contact the Mathematics Department for further information. Students can view their ACT, SAT, and/or placement test scores online through My Missouri State system.

Pre-engineering preparation

Missouri State University offers a cooperative engineering program in conjunction with Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, Missouri. Only students residing in a sixteen-county area of southwest Missouri qualify for this program. Refer to the Engineering Program section of catalog for more information. Students who wish to pursue engineering, but do not meet the geographic requirements for the cooperative program, may take two years of foundation courses at Missouri State. The Departments of Mathematics and Physics, Astronomy and Materials Science jointly offer a two-year plan to meet the needs of these students, who must transfer later to complete a four-year degree in engineering. Contact either department for details.

Actuarial science

Students may pursue a career as an actuary by choosing a major and minor in related areas and selecting appropriate electives. Students interested in Actuarial Science typically major in Mathematics with the Actuarial Mathematics option and a minor in Risk Management and Insurance. Help in preparing for the early actuarial exams is available through the Mathematics Department. For more information, contact the Mathematics Department or the Finance and General Business Department.