Degree Program

Op3.04-20 Degree Program

A degree program consists of a major, a minor (required for non-comprehensive majors under the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees), and the applicable requirements associated with the degree (see the General Baccalaureate Degree Requirements section of this catalog). Students completing multiple majors in the same degree are considered to have only one degree. 

Students must be admitted to a degree program before completing 75 credit hours or a hold will be placed on their record and they will not be allowed to register. Entering first-time students are required to complete GEP 101 (or UHC110 for Honors College students) in their first semester. Students are strongly encouraged to complete COM 115, ENG 110 and a Quantitative Literacy course within their first 30 hours, and are required to do so prior to earning 75 hours

To be admitted to a program of study that has admission requirements, students should first contact their advisor and then the departmental office of the major.