Faculty Resources for Transitioning to Alternative Course Delivery

Letter from the Provost to faculty
Friday, April 3, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

I want to express my great appreciation and thanks for the extensive efforts and adjustments you have all made in the transition to alternative teaching approaches. While we do not have the traditional class environment, we still have goals for student learning and a quality education experience. No matter what the mode of delivery of classes, as faculty we all know that learning depends a great deal on the connections made with each student. Thank you for all you are doing to make those connections and to help our students in the alternative ways we are delivering MSU courses.

The first week of all classes by distance learning has gone well, and I compliment all of you. Our electronic systems have been sound and teaching needs have had excellent on-campus support. Yes, there are still many hurdles for both faculty and students as we complete this academic semester. Hence, we want to provide some additional touchpoints and guidance on questions which have arisen from both groups. One common theme that has become evident is the need to exercise flexibility.

Just like some of our faculty, not all students have easy access to computers or internet away from campus. Some students are at home in environments where they need to share computer resources. Resources that were normally available to students on the campus may be closed. Certain students are now in different states, or countries, and there will be differences in time zones to consider. Stress from the disease threat and life-style changes weigh on everyone. We may not be able to cover the amount of material originally planned, but instead need to focus on the most important skills or knowledge your students need to move forward.

Several of the steps that have been taken to help faculty and students are given on the attached documents. Also, some suggestions are provided from FCTL and our other centers that assist student learning. They all share the common theme of increased flexibility as we finish this semester.

Frank Einhellig


Dear Faculty,

As the week has progressed the campus has modified almost daily to follow changing recommendations of social distancing, sterilizing work spaces and limiting the number of people to less than 10 at any given time. Below are several ways faculty can continue to be assisted as we transition to alternate delivery methods.

Faculty Center for Teaching & Learning

The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL) has done heroic work in group and one-on-one session for faculty.  Beginning Monday March 23, FCTL will be supporting faculty virtually using the same communication tools you will be using for teaching your classes starting March 30.

The university really is an open community so you can contact FCTL staff by email or phone and they will respond to your request from anywhere, and often times through a real-time face-to-face video call that allows them work with you on your course. Below is the contact information for how to reach the FCTL staff individually, or you can continue to email fctl@missouristate.edu.

The FCTL is committed to continuing their support through the remainder of the semester. Those of you who have come to the FCTL this week will hear from the staff over the next few weeks.  If you haven’t stopped by the FCTL please contact them if they can help you in any way during this transition.

FCTL Contacts and Support

Name Email Phone Area
FCTL fctl@missouristate.edu 836-3059 Main phone and email
Nancy Gordon nancygordon@missouristate.edu 836-8396 Online teaching; Blackboard; Respondus Exam tools
Stacy Rice stacyrice@missouristate.edu 836-6663 Online teaching; Blackboard; Respondus Exam tools
Eric Taylor erictaylor@missouristate.edu 836-6075 Blackboard; Collaborate; MediaSite Lecture Capture
Mike Fisher mikefisher@missouristate.edu 836-6138 MediaSite Lecture Capture
Joe Strong joestrong@missouristate.edu 836-5910 Zoom
Dave Caravella davidcaravella@missouristate.edu 836-5959 Blackboard; MediaSite Lecture Capture; Zoom

Meyer Library Hours

Note: Library entrance is restricted to BearPass holders or by appointment.

Beginning March 29

Monday–Friday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Saturday–Sunday 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Library hour updates

Blackboard Help

  • All classes now have a Blackboard shell.
  • RESPONDUS - Now available by default in Blackboard
    Respondus can be located in the Course Management Menu under the Course Tools section. Instructions to provide students on taking an exam using the Respondus LockDown browser can be found on Teaching through Alternative Methods

Other Teaching Helps


  • Zoom licenses are available if you do not have one
  • Help for installing and using Zoom: either call the FCTL at 417-836-3059 or the Computer Services Help Desk (click: Request Help)
  • Known Zoom Capable Rooms on the Springfield Campus
    The following classrooms have Zoom capability. Some of these rooms are open and some are located in buildings that require BearPass ID cards to access:

CHEK 100, DACB 118, HILL 002, HILL 200, HILL 400, HILL 402, HILL 447, HILL 449, KARL 234, KARL 239, LIBR 101, OCHS 301, PCOB 125, PCOB 127, PCOB 228, PUMM 102, PUMM 200, PUMM 202 and STRO 107.


There is a taping studio in the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning. Please view the Mediasite Desktop Recorder Training Video and Zoom video tutorial for further information.

Computer Service Help Desks

Help Desks and Lab Hours

Updated help desk and lab hours information.

Contact the Help Desk

Pass/Not Pass Policy for Spring 2020 Only

Please visit the Office of the Registrar website for the pass/not pass policy due to the COVID-19 response.

Thank you and stay well!