Use of Gasoline Credit Cards

Op9.09 Use of Gasoline Credit Cards

All university vehicles

  • The Motor Pool will secure and assign all gasoline credit cards to each university vehicle.
  • The Transportation Services Office will be responsible for reviewing all charges/invoices, authorizing payment, and forwarding documentation to Financial Services for payment. Only items related to the operation of the vehicle are to be purchased with university credit cards.

Vehicles assigned to departments

  • The Motor Pool will secure and issue gasoline credit cards for departments operating their own vehicles.
  • The Motor Pool will maintain a master list of issued cards.
  • The individual department will keep a copy of the credit card receipt issued at the time of purchase for its own records.
  • The Motor Pool will charge the appropriate department from the credit card company monthly billing and forward the invoice to Financial Services for payment.
  • Any department assigned a University Fleet Vehicle that fails to report maintenance fuel expenditures and mileage may have the fuel card for that particular vehicle deactivated until reporting requirements are satisfied.

Privately owned vehicles

  • No university credit card will be issued to purchase gasoline for privately owned vehicles. Reimbursement for travel expenses in connection with the use of privately owned vehicles will be in accordance with the university travel policy.