University Fleet Vehicle Policy

Op9.04 University Fleet Vehicle Policy

All MSU owned or leased vehicles fall under the authority and direction of the Department of Transportation Services Motor Pool.  The Motor Pool provides vehicles and vehicle support to all departments of the university.  University fleet vehicles will be assigned on a permanent basis to specific departments.  Motor Pool vehicles are available for assignment on a short term basis.

General regulations

  • University policies and procedures governing the use of vehicles are in accordance with Missouri statutes and apply to the use of all university vehicles, whether assigned to a department, an individual or the Motor Pool.
  • The use of any university vehicle is restricted to the conduct of official university business.  Use of the university vehicle during any trip or segment thereof for personal business or pleasure is prohibited.  Violations may result in loss of Motor Pool privileges.
  • Drivers are to observe all traffic laws applying to the locality in which the vehicle is being driven. 
  • All drivers and passengers must wear seat belts while in a university vehicle.
  • The university is not responsible for traffic violations by drivers of university vehicles.  Fines or penalties for infractions of the law by a driver of a university vehicle are the personal responsibility of the driver and the university assumes no obligation.
  • All university vehicles shall display official license plates of the state of Missouri prior to use, and shall have a university seal displayed clearly on the front door of each side of the vehicle.
  • Consumption of alcohol or use of illegal drugs is prohibited.  Operators must not drive while under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or any other substance that impairs their ability to drive.  Transportation of alcohol in state vehicles is prohibited except when necessary in the conduct of state business. 
  • Use of tobacco products is prohibited in state vehicles.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • All vehicles purchased by the university, or vehicles going to surplus, shall go to Motor Pool for license plates, gas card issue or removal, and to have the VIN and other pertinent information verified and entered in the tracking system.  Motor Pool shall ensure that all university fleet vehicles are properly titled and licensed with the Missouri Department of Revenue prior to assignment/delivery to the department purchasing the vehicle.
  • Permanently assigned vehicles are dedicated to a single job function, or individual, based on travel needs for a semi-permanent time period.  In some circumstances vehicles may be permanently assigned. To view these circumstances see SP-4 Section D.2 of the State Vehicle Policy.
  • The supervisor or administrative head of a department or other organizational unit having administrative custody of a university vehicle is responsible for ensuring vehicles are used only for official university business, and that operators meet all requirements when a vehicle is assigned (MSU employee, valid operator’s license).
  • State employees must utilize the most cost effective travel option when traveling on state business. In most circumstances, state vehicles or rental vehicles are more cost effective than personal mileage reimbursement, so it is highly recommended for employees to use state or rental vehicles on state business.  Refer to the Guide for Drivers on State Business. The Trip Optimizer assists department heads in determining the most cost effective travel option for in-state single trips
  • A department head or other administrative supervisor is responsible to carefully review and approve the request for assignment of a university vehicle to ensure designated drivers may be protected under the provision of the university liability insurance.
  • Motor Pool vehicles are to be returned nightly to the Motor Pool lot unless away on authorized and scheduled over-night trips.  Certain circumstances may warrant a university vehicle to be parked at a personal residence overnight, however, permission must be obtained from the Motor Pool prior to doing so.
  • A department head or other administrative supervisor is responsible to ensure that usage logs are maintained for each state vehicle assigned to their department and include the following information: name of department head, date(s), beginning and ending odometer readings for the month, and nature of use. Usage logs should be available for review by the Motor Pool Supervisor.


  • The administrative head or his/her designee of a department or other organizational unit having administrative custody of a university vehicle is responsible for ensuring that the vehicle is maintained in a safe condition, and that vehicle mileage and maintenance are logged for each assigned vehicle on a monthly basis. Monthly mileage and maintenance shall be logged in the web-based motor pool and vehicle tracking system. Electronic reminders will be sent monthly to department heads from Motor Pool prompting them to enter current odometer readings and all maintenance/inspection details for the vehicles they are assigned.
  • University fleet vehicles are not required to undergo a state safety inspection for the five-year-period following their model year of manufacture. At the sixth year, all vehicles must be inspected, and every-other-year thereafter.
  • At minimum, university vehicles should be maintained following the State of Missouri recommended maintenance schedule for each vehicle.
  • A monthly preventive maintenance check must be performed on each university-owned vehicle.  In addition, for safety precautions, special maintenance must be performed before and after a university-owned vehicle travels over 500 miles on a round trip. At a minimum, the following items should be checked:
    • Oil Level
    • Antifreeze
    • Washer fluid
    • Damage to vehicle
    • First aid kit (if equipped)
    • Horn
    • Lights (including turn signal and brake lights)
    • Wiper blades
    • Brakes (for proper operation)
    • Tires (for excessive wear)
  • All maintenance and repairs performed on state vehicles must be documented and such documents or receipts retained for the life of the vehicle.
  • All maintenance and repairs performed on state vehicles must be performed at locations under current contract with MSU. A list of current locations under contract for vehicle maintenance can be found at the following link.
  • Currently, the State of Missouri Office of Administration has left the decision to purchase surplus vehicles to each state agency. The university considers, based on needs and usage, whether to purchase new or surplus vehicles
  • The State of Missouri Office of Administration established minimum mileage replacement criteria for state vehicles at 135,000 miles.
  • Currently, the State of Missouri Office of Administration has not set criteria for purchasing SUV's. SUV's cost the state considerably more than a mid-sized sedan, and approval from the department head should be made prior to purchase of a SUV. This should be based upon needs and usage.
  • Permission to modify a vehicle in any manner (remove seats, trailer hitches, etc.) must be obtained from the Motor Pool prior to modifications.