Study Abroad

Op5.08-8 Study Abroad

Policy Regarding Applicability of Missouri State Scholarships to Study Away Programs

Students receiving Missouri State scholarships may apply those scholarships (with the exception of out-of-state tuition waivers) to study away programs administered and/or approved by the University. Specific examples of such programs include the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), China, and Germany.

A student eligible for a Missouri State scholarship for a given semester may apply the one semester value of that scholarship to the cost of a study away program for up to two semesters. The dollar value of the scholarship will be equivalent to the amount the student would receive if he or she remained on campus (i.e., the additional cost which may be incurred as part of a study away program will not increase the amount of the scholarship award). In the case of Presidential Scholars participating in Missouri State administered programs (with the exception of NSE Plan A) students will receive a stipend for room and board only if they lived on campus the semester prior to the study away experience. This stipend will be equal to the average cost of a suite style room with 19 meal plan.

Students who participate in study away programs not administered or approved through the Missouri State Study Away Office will not be eligible to receive a Missouri State scholarship during the semester(s) for which they participate in the study away program.

All Missouri State scholarship programs are subject to semester limitations. Students should refer to their award letter for details. Semesters in which students apply their scholarships to approved study away programs will be counted as part of the total number of semesters for which students may receive an award. Students who participate in study away programs for which they may not receive Missouri State scholarships, will not have the semesters during which they participate in the study away program subtracted from their remaining scholarship eligibility.

Regarding scholarship renewal:

  • Students participating in study away programs must meet credit hour requirements for the academic year within which their study away experience falls. Transfer credit awarded for courses completed during the study away program will be included in determining fulfillment of individual renewal requirements.
  • All students participating in study away should be aware that, with the exception of the Missouri London Program, grades received during study away experiences will not be used in calculating cumulative GPA for scholarship renewal purposes.
  • Students participating in the Missouri London Program should be aware that both hours completed and grades received will be considered for scholarship renewal purposes.
  • After the completion of a study away experience, it is the student's responsibility to provide documentation of work completed and fulfillment of the credit hour policy before the onset of the semester immediately following the study away experience. In the event that transcripts are detained and can not be submitted prior to the beginning of the next semester, students should provide written documentation to the Office of Study Away attesting to the reasons they are unable to obtain proof of work completed, and the measures taken by the student to obtain said proof. Once these measures to document difficulties in providing proof of academic progress are completed, the scholarship will be extended in good faith for one semester. In the event that proof of work completed can not be produced or indicates that the student did not make satisfactory academic progress, the student's account will be billed for the amount of the scholarship awarded.