Study Away Accommodation Procedure

Op5.05-5 Study Away Accommodation Procedure

Missouri State University encourages all students to participate in the Study Away program. Students who request academic accommodations for Study Away must follow the policy and procedure for academic accommodations on the Missouri State campus. This information may be found on-line at It is recommended that students needing accommodations plan well in advance, notify and work with the Disability Resource Center, the Study Away program, and the prospective international institution. Please note that all requests for services and accommodations must be supported by the documentation on file and seem reasonable and appropriate within the limits set forth by state and federal law and University policy. The accommodations cannot fundamentally alter the nature of a course or program of study, or present an undue hardship for either Missouri State or the host institution.

The United States of America is a world leader when it comes to providing equal access to people with disabilities. Although many countries are becoming more aware of the needs of people with disabilities, not all countries have similar laws and accessible infrastructure/services. Consequently, the following are recommendations for students to consider when contemplating studying abroad:

  1. Disclose disability to the Disability Resource Center and provide a written request for accommodations as early as possible.
  2. Research possible accommodations in other countries such as accessible housing, public transportation, assistive technology, etc.
  3. Research alternative study away options in countries where appropriate accommodations may be more readily available.

The Disability Resource Center and the Study Away program will work collaboratively on the above recommendations with the student and facilitate accommodation options.

If you wish to appeal the accommodation determination for the Study Away program, you are welcome to contact the Office for Institutional Equity and Compliance at Missouri State University, at 417-836-4252, to file a grievance.

For a full statement of policies and procedures, the rights and responsibilities of students with disabilities, and the rights and responsibilities of the university and its faculty, see