Proposal Review and Submission

Op4.02-5.4 Proposal Review and Submission

Policy 4 - Proposal review and submission


The Office of Research Administration and Grants and Contracts Accounting will appreciate advance notification of an upcoming proposal submission so that assistance can be provided during the proposal development process, as well as to ensure that review and approval can be completed in time to meet the sponsor’s deadline. This is especially true for those proposals that are to be submitted electronically, e.g., via Fast Lane or, because the uploading and approval process can require additional time.

As part of the proposal review process, when a Principal Investigator plans to include Missouri State University’s resources or external entities' resources as cost sharing, this information is to be specifically identified in the budget and on the Internal Approval Form (Appendix #1). It constitutes a formal commitment to the sponsor by the unit supervisor, department head, dean of the academic unit, director of the center/institute, or the Vice President of the University involved. In cases where the cost sharing commitments involve external entities, a letter of commitment from each entity and a detailed budget must be submitted with the proposal. The Vice President for Research and Economic Development must approve in advance any variation from this requirement before the proposal can be processed. In those cases where the subcontractors are providing cost sharing, their budget needs to identify these commitments.