Procedure for Payment of Student Fees

Op4.02-27 Procedure for Payment of Student Fees

Each year the University receives grants and contracts (sponsored projects) from federal and state government agencies that include enrollment of teachers, other professionals and students in for-credit courses. Unfortunately, PIs have encountered some confusion about enrolling these individuals when the grant or contract (a) was to cover the course and student services fees, or (b) these fees were waived as a part of the matching funds committed by the University. This has led to complications for PIs, administrators and, most importantly, students.

Problems also have occurred when requesting payment from the sponsoring agency to cover these fees or when providing evidence of expenditures of matching funds. To reduce these problems, the following procedure should be used where sponsored projects are to cover the course and student fees for students enrolling in for-credit courses. Coverage for both fees will depend on the request/commitment made in the proposal and budget approved by the sponsoring agency.

  1.  Upon receipt of the official award documentation, the Office of Research Administration will notify the Accountant responsible for the sponsored project. A copy of the Award Notice will be sent to the Director of Financial Aid. A copy also will be sent to the Director of Registration Services for the College of Continuing Education and the Extended University (CE). Financial Services will notify the Project Director of the account number assigned to the sponsored project.
  2. The Project Director will assemble a list of the names and student identification numbers (normally social security numbers) of students who will be eligible for fee coverage under the sponsored project, the course(s) for which these funds are to be used, and the grant account number. Also to be specified is the amount of funds that are to be allocated to the student either from the grant account funds or to be waived by the University as a part of the matching fund commitments. The funds to be used for this purpose must be explicitly described in the approved budget for the sponsored project. This information is to be submitted as a memorandum (see template) to the Director of Financial Aid with copies to the Director of Registration Services, the Senior Accountant for Grants and Contracts, and the Office of Research Administration. The deadline for submission is two weeks in advance of when payment to the students' account is expected. This step is to be repeated for each semester that students will be receiving course and student services fees' assistance through a sponsored project.
  3. This information on students eligible for fee remission will be used by Financial Aid to ensure that the appropriate account number is charged for the fees and that the correct dollar amounts are being credited to each student's account.
  4. Students will be able to register at any of the authorized sites on campus. Registration Services will use the aforementioned list (Item #2 above) to assist students who register at this location.
  5. Prior to enrollment, the Project Director will inform these students of the following:
    • Nature of the covered fees, i.e., number of credit hours or maximum funding available for each student;
    • All other costs will be borne by the student
    • The specific course(s) for which this sponsored project coverage is intended; and
    • Students will be required to submit evidence of course completion to the Project Director.
  6. To receive payment for fees, the University must have evidence that the fees were paid for the intended course(s), and that the student completed the course. In some cases a record of a student's grade will be required. Therefore, at the end of each semester, the Project Director will submit another copy of the original memorandum including evidence of course completion (and/or grades) to the Accountant responsible for the sponsored project. For those grants/contracts that require a specific format for documentation of course completion, the required form must be completed by the Project Director and submitted to the Office of Research Administration in lieu of the aforementioned memorandum. These forms will be signed by an authorized University representative and forwarded to the Accountant for the sponsored project. 

Adopted April 26, 2002

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