Personnel Compensation

Op4.02-26 Personnel Compensation

Compensation for faculty, staff and graduate assistants

Personnel Action Forms * (PAFs) must be filed in order to compensate University faculty, staff and graduate assistants from an externally funded grant or contract. The PAFs are to be filed in sufficient time so that they are received by Payroll prior to the date when the first payments are to be issued.

* See Human Resources department to pick up the forms.

Personnel Action Forms:

Identified below are the sections of the Personnel Action Form and a description of how each section should be completed.

  1. Departmental Information:
    List your department, budget number, and form completion date
  2. Personal Information:
    a) Complete all information requested in this section.
    b) Please make certain the information for each individual is up-to-date
    c) The individual's contract is mailed to the address put on this form, please check for accuracy
  3. Classification:
    Title - Faculty/Staff/Graduate Assistant  - indicate Non-Teaching, Teaching, or Research
    Date - Starting Date - 1 week prior to the beginning of classes/work
    End Date - last day of finals week
  4. Assignment Status:
    X Temp., Part-Time or Part-Time, Limited to 1000 hours (new form)
    X Academic Semester
    Period of Appointment - may be 1 or 2 semesters
  5. Nature of Action:
     X Appointment (for new personnel) or
     X Reappointment (for returning personnel)
  6. Salary Information:
    Compensation Amount: E.g. Graduate Assistants

    SU07                           $1,695 or $2,250
    AY06-067                    $6,780 or $9,000

    FA06 or SP07             $3,390 or $4,500
    Account Title - budget title from which student will be paid

    Account Number - must be included even if it is the same as the budget listed in part 1 
  7. Justification, Comments, or Stipulations
    In addition to any departmental/unit stipulations, this section should also include a detailed job description and name of the direct supervisor (not necessarily the department or unit) who can be contacted for specific information about the person, his/her job description, and/or his/her job performance.
  8. Approval
    Once the Department Heads and the Dean's signatures have been secured, the form should be forwarded to Human Resources Department.