Article IV. Promotion of Events

Op11.21-4 Promotion of Events

Section 1. Advertising and Promotions

Permittee (s) may not advertise or promote either verbally or printed (i.e.: send out newsletters, press announcements, distribute flyers or posters, or telecast) for any event before a contract is fully executed.


JQH ARENA's logo may be used by non-profit organizations in their advertising and promotion only after a Contract has been granted by JQH ARENA.  The logos may be used by commercial organizations only if a contract has been granted by JQH ARENA and JQH ARENA Management has approved the use of this logo.  JQH ARENA Management must have prior approval on all materials (advertisements, posters, t-shirts, etc.) which use the JQH ARENA logo.


In any advertisement for events to be held at JQH ARENA, whether advertisement is in the form of posters, flyers, brochures, newspapers, magazines, or for the broadcast media, the JQH ARENA and its facilities shall be identified as follows:


If the printed advertisement requires a break in the facility’s name, it shall be printed as follows:


Events presented by Permittee (s) must clearly state the organization presenting the event before stating the event is taking place at the JQH ARENA.  Advertising or promotional copy must read similar to the following example:

           Presented By
(Permittee's Organization)
            JQH Arena

JQH ARENA Management must have prior approval on all materials (advertisements, posters, t-shirts, etc.) which uses the JQH ARENA name.

Media Advertising:

Unless specifically included in the Contract, all media advertisements for events to be held at JQH ARENA must include (1) the location(s) for all ticket sales, and (2) “all sales final”. Additionally, all media advertising for tickets sold at the JQH ARENA box office must include the Missouri Message Relay Service number, which is 800-735-2966.

All Permittee (s) are required to sell all tickets at the prices advertised and no deviations will be allowed unless approved in advance and in writing by JQH ARENA.

Distribution of Advertising at JQH Arena:

Permittee (s) shall not distribute or circulate or permit to be distributed or circulated any advertising matter at the entrance to or in or about any part of JQH ARENA except advertising as may pertain to the specific event for which a Contract has been granted and for which permission has been obtained from the Management of JQH ARENA for the placing of advertising. The University soliciting and advertising policy shall prevail as a governing policy.

Section 2. Signs and Posters

Exhibiting at JQH ARENA:

Permittee (s) shall not post or exhibit or allow to be posted or exhibited any signs, advertisements, show bills, lithographs, posters, or cards of any description in or on any part of the premises except in specified areas provided for this purpose by JQH ARENA. Permittee (s) agree to use, post, or exhibit only signs, advertisements, show bills, lithographs, posters, or cards in areas as relate specifically to the event to be held in or on the premises of JQH ARENA pursuant to a fully executed Contract and which meet with the prior approval of the JQH ARENA Management or his/her designated representative. Permittee agrees that posters, show bills, cards, etc. may be posted only during a mutually agreed time frame prior to a show and must be taken down immediately after the final performance.


Permittee (s) shall not do or permit to be done in or on the premises of JQH ARENA anything which may tend to injure, mar, or in any manner deface the facility or its premises. Permittee (s) further agree not to drill or install or permit to be drilled or installed any nails, hooks, tacks, tape, or screws into any part of the JQH ARENA building and Permittee (s) will not make or allow to be made lacerations of any kind to facility or any equipment belonging to the facility.