Article II. Building and Supplementary Personnel

Op11.21-2 Building and Supplementary Personnel

Section 1.  Staffing

Crew Requirements:

After examining an event's requirements, the JQH ARENA Director will determine the minimum number of personnel required in each specialty and will be available to assist a Permittee in making arrangements for all necessary personnel for move in, set up, rehearsal, performance, and move out calls.

Permittee must provide the JQH ARENA Director with a complete list of Permittee's personnel, including addresses and telephone numbers no later than thirty days prior to the event. If a list is not provided to the JQH ARENA Director thirty days prior to the event, it may be assumed that the personnel are to be supplied by JQH ARENA at Permittee's expense.

The Management of JQH ARENA reserves the right to forbid or restrict the employment of any individual or organization as part of the stage crew if Management determines, in its sole discretion, that injury or damage to equipment might result from employment or if the individual organization has previously demonstrated an unwillingness or inability to abide by the policies and procedures of JQH ARENA.

In order to protect the JQH ARENA facility and equipment, the JQH ARENA Director may require the presence of in house supervisory stagehands.  The number of stagehands required will be determined by Director.  The JQH ARENA Director rations or his/her designated representative shall have the authority to veto or modify any order or direction issued by a Permittee, its employees, or its contractors if in house personnel deem such action necessary to protect the JQH ARENA facility or equipment. 

Outside Stage Crew Personnel:

It is the policy of the Management to protect the JQH ARENA facility by determining minimum standards of performance by outside stage crew personnel.  Nothing in these policies and procedures should be interpreted so as to prevent a Permittee from requiring higher standards from stage personnel.  With the exception of the JQH ARENA Director and the JQH ARENA in house stagehands, stage crew personnel shall not be deemed to be employees or contractors of JQH ARENA.  Permittee (s) shall additionally be responsible for paying for all labor performed by outside stagehands and for paying for any damage which may be caused to building equipment due to a negligent act on the part of any member of the stage crew other than the JQH ARENA Director of Operations or JQH ARENA's in house stagehands.

Section 2. Ushers, Ticket Takers, and Door Guards

To provide continuity to JQH ARENA patrons, events scheduled in the arena shall utilize the services of trained ushers, ticket takers, and door guards that are supplied solely by JQH ARENA. The cost of these services shall be borne solely by Permittee (s).  The number of required personnel for these services will vary according to the anticipated size of the audience, whether all seating levels will be used, and whether seating will be on a reserved seat or general admission basis.  The Management of JQH ARENA or his/her designated representative shall determine the minimum number of personnel to be required for any given event.  Some events may require the services of from six to eight such personnel while other events may require as many as eighty.

The Management of JQH ARENA shall have the right to veto or modify any order or direction issued by a Permittee, its employees, or its contractors to such personnel if Management deems such action necessary to protect the facility or to ensure the safety and convenience of JQH ARENA patrons.

Section 3. Security

The JQH ARENA building and premises, including keys thereto, shall at all times be under the control of JQH ARENA Management. The Director or his/her designated representatives shall at all times have the right to enter all spaces in the building including such times as when a Permittee may have an event taking place and for which the Permittee has been issued a Contract.  The entrances and exits of the building shall be locked and unlocked by JQH ARENA stagehands, JQH ARENA security guards, or other authorized JQH ARENA staff personnel as may be required for a Permittee's use of the building.  Permittee may be required by the JQH ARENA Management to place proper watchpersons at all entrances and exits at times, when entrances or exits are unlocked, with the cost of watchpersons being borne by the designated Permittee.

The security of JQH ARENA shall, at all times, be under the control of the Management of JQH ARENA.  JQH ARENA Director will arrange and Permittee (s) will pay for, all security that is deemed necessary by JQH ARENA Management for the proper conduct of the event and control of the audience.

Each Permittee may also be required to provide additional security to monitor the parking lots if deemed necessary by the MSU Parking Administration.

The presence of security guards during an event for which a Contract has been issued does not in any way diminish a Permittee's responsibility to pay for damages to the facility or to equipment contained in JQH ARENA when damages occur in conjunction with the event.

A Permittee may, at its option and expense, request additional security personnel for the express purpose of guarding equipment owned by or under the control of the Permittee.  However, the presence or lack of additional guards shall not alter the fact that JQH ARENA, under the terms and conditions of the Contract, assumes no liability for the loss, theft, or damage to the property of the Permittee or the Permittee's exhibitor.