Article I. Building Hours and Scheduling

Op11.21-1 Building Hours and Scheduling

Section 1.Master Calendar - Space Reservations


JQH ARENA will maintain a multiple year running calendar of activities and will review tentative event date reservations for potential lessees for available dates as calendar constraints allow. All dates are initially reserved by JQH ARENA until completion of their University event schedule. Reservations for all lessees will remain tentative until the date is released by JQH ARENA and a Contract is signed and a deposit (when required) is received.

Scheduling and Deposits:

Events as requested by off campus users will be scheduled as the calendar permits. Date priorities will be given to standard University functions to include commencement and basketball contests. Off campus users may be asked to make a deposit equal to 50% of rental rate for the space. If the requesting party chooses not to make the deposit, the date will be released.

Each Contract will have a stipulated cancellation date after which time all deposits previously paid to hold reservations shall be presumed to be damages sustained by JQH ARENA and the deposits shall become the property of JQH ARENA and shall not be refunded. Either party may cancel their Contract without any obligation by giving the other party written notice at least sixty (60) days prior to the first date of use of the facilities herein described. In the event the Permittee cancels the Contract at any time within the sixty day (60 day) period immediately preceding the first date of use of the facilities herein described, then it is understood that all monies previously paid by the Permittee as deposits shall be presumed to be damages sustained by JQH ARENA and the deposits shall become the property of JQH ARENA and shall not be refunded.

Unless otherwise specified in writing, JQH shall retain the right to schedule other events both before and after any currently contracted or tentatively scheduled event without prior notice to the Permittee (s) involved.

Section 2. Permits

At whatever time, or at the request of JQH ARENA, a potential Permittee informs JQH ARENA that a tentative reservation is definite, or, at the request of JQH ARENA, a Contract will be sent to Permittee for execution. The Contract must be signed and returned along with any required deposit to JQH ARENA on or prior to the stipulated return date or the reservation may be forfeited. All Contracts for use of JQH ARENA are not binding until signed by an authorized representative of JQH ARENA.

Section 3. Opening Hours

Permittee (s) agree to allow JQH ARENA Management to open the lobby area of the arena to be used for ticket sales before the advertised start of the event and to permit patrons to be seated at least sixty minutes prior to the advertised beginning time for the event. At the time patrons are allowed into the seating area, all technical preparations, lighting and sound checks, rehearsals, and other activities must have been completed in the arena.

Section 4. Event Start Time

Start Time:

Permittee (s) agree to make every effort to begin all events within five minutes after the announced starting time. JQH ARENA Management or his/her designated representative may; when weather, traffic, or parking conditions dictate delay the start of the performance a reasonable period of time to allow the great majority of patrons to be seated.