University Alcohol Policy

Op11.01 University Alcohol Policy

Policy statement

The use and sale of alcoholic beverages in university facilities is governed by this policy and applicable state statute. The campus has been designated as alcohol free, and any proposed use or sale of alcoholic beverages outside of the parameters set forth in this policy must be approved in writing by the president of the university.

It is always against university policy and against the law to sell, furnish or provide alcohol to a person under the age of 21. The possession of alcohol by anyone under 21 years of age in a public place or a place open to the public is illegal. It is illegal for any person to misrepresent his or her own age or the age of any other person to obtain alcoholic beverages. Members of the university community are subject to disciplinary action if they violate this policy, and anyone may be subject to criminal citation for violating the law.

Subject to the following parameters, facility managers are responsible for the approval and supervision of the sale, distribution, and presence of alcohol within their facilities, and the Athletic Department is responsible for and planning of tailgate functions:

Sporting events

The sale of alcohol shall be by a state-licensed vendor that has a contractual relationship with the facility and/or the university.

  1. JQH Arena: beer and wine may be sold and consumed by the general public, subject to all applicable laws and regulations. Spirits may only be sold and consumed in the suites, logo seats, and the PRIME Overtime Club, subject to all applicable laws and regulations.
  2. Hammons Field: The Board of Governors has authorized the possession and consumption of beer by individuals 21 years of age, or older at Hammons Field, an off-campus facility. The sale and consumption of alcohol is exclusively controlled by the management of Hammons Field.
  3. Robert W. Plaster Stadium: beer and wine may be sold and consumed by the general public, subject to all applicable laws and regulations. The sale or consumption of spirits is not permitted at the Robert W. Plaster Stadium.

Tailgate functions

The possession and consumption of alcohol is currently associated with home football games at BearFest Village and university property south of Grand (Parking Lots 18, 22 and 24) (“designated lots”) under the auspices of the Athletics Department. BearFest Village shall be defined as the plaza area north of Plaster Stadium, extending west to the John Q. Hammons Fountain, to the northern edge of McDonald Arena and east to Carrington Hall, including the seating area south of Plaster Student Union, commonly referred to as the corral. Contingent upon prior approval from the president of the university, on an as-needed basis, alcohol may be consumed in areas other than at BearFest Village and/or the designated lots specified above. BearFest Village will be further distinguished by visible signage during operating hours. Expansion to other intercollegiate sports must be initiated by the Athletics Department and advance planning must include University Safety, Facilities Management, and the Office of Student Engagement. Tailgate functions are exclusively for the enjoyment of fans attending the home athletic event. They may include community groups and student organizations registered according to established guidelines as well as individuals, individual families, or other small groups.

The following policies remain in effect for current and future tailgate functions in designated lots and in BearFest Village:

  • Consumption or possession of open alcoholic beverages, except where it is expressly permitted, is prohibited in all facilities and areas of campus.
  • Consumption or possession of any alcohol except beer, wine, wine coolers and other malt beverages (“approved alcohol”) is prohibited in designated lots or at BearFest Village. Campus officials may confiscate and empty any opened, visible bottle of hard liquor.
  • Approved alcohol may be consumed in designated lots or at BearFest Village, no more than three hours in advance of the start of the sporting event, and all consumption must end at the start of the event.
  • Only persons age 21 and older may possess or consume alcohol.
  • All parties (student or campus groups, community groups, private tailgate parties, etc.) wishing to reserve space in BearFest Village must register one week in advance with Missouri State Sports Marketing at 417-836-5001. Any registered group that provides alcohol must also make available non-alcoholic beverages and food. Individuals or groups wishing to tailgate in designated lots (Lots 18, 22, and 24) do not need to register and may claim space in those lots on a first-come, first-served basis. Each vehicle may occupy only one (1) parking space, and tailgate party areas cannot obstruct any parking spaces.
  • No open containers of alcohol are permitted outside of the scheduled tailgate times and locations. All alcohol transported through public areas on campus must be unopened.
  • No glass bottles or containers are permitted.
  • No kegs or other containers with a capacity greater than one gallon (128 fluid oz.) may be brought into the area.
  • Dispensing alcohol from a common source is prohibited, e.g. coolers of “Jungle Juice” or similarly mixed alcoholic concoctions.
  • The use of beer bongs or other accelerated drinking devices is prohibited.
  • The sale of alcohol in any tailgating areas is prohibited except by a pre-approved campus vendor. The approved campus vendor will sell beer only in the area known as BearFest Village. No alcohol will be made available for purchase on university property south of Grand (Lots 18, 22 and 24).
  • Individuals and organizations may provide or prepare food for personal consumption, or for the purposes of making food available to groups at no cost, but will do so at their own risk. Missouri State University will not be held responsible for any illness occurring as a result of any food provided or prepared by anyone other than university’s dining service provider or a licensed campus food vendor.
  • The sale of food in any tailgating areas is prohibited except by university’s dining service provider or, other licensed campus food vendors and others with the approval of the Director of Athletics.

Additionally, beer and wine may be sold and consumed by the general public, subject to all applicable laws and restrictions, at Hammons Student Center during tailgates associated with home basketball games. The sale of alcohol shall be by a state-licensed vendor that has a contractual relationship with the facility and/or the university. Unlike football tailgates, individuals will not be permitted to bring their own alcohol on the premises for basketball tailgates. Rather, they may only purchase alcohol at the tailgate from an approved vendor. All other policies for alcohol sale and consumption at football tailgates applies to basketball tailgates.

Event and meeting services and special events

There are a number of campus facilities that are frequently available for rental or the hosting of university special events, namely the Darr Agricultural Center, the Plaster Student Union, the Kentwood Hall Crystal Room, the Brick City Galleries, and the Plaster Free Enterprise Center. Groups and organizations that reserve university facilities for special events through Event and Meeting Services may request that the event catering include the service of beer and wine (no spirits). Such catering may only be performed by the university’s dining services provider. Requests for alcoholic beverage service will only be considered when access to the event is limited and can be carefully monitored for compliance with alcohol beverage laws and ordinances.

JQH Arena (non-sporting events)

The university’s contracted food and beverage vendor for JQH Arena shall have the opportunity to sell beer, wine, and spirits to the general public, subject to all applicable laws and regulations.

The university’s contracted food and beverage vendor shall be responsible for application and maintenance of appropriate sales certificates as required by the city, state, etc. Only employees of the contracted vendor shall sell/serve beer, wine and spirits and shall be responsible for evaluation and verification of age and sobriety status for any party consuming or purchasing said items.

Juanita K. Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts

Subject to all applicable laws and regulations, the university’s contracted food and beverage vendor and/or vendors with approved picnic licenses for Juanita K. Hammons Hall shall, with the permission of the venue’s management, engage in the sale of beer, wine and spirits to patrons attending an event. Consumption of beer, wine and spirits shall be restricted to the building. Containers (sealed or unsealed) shall not be allowed to leave the permitted spaces or removed from the premises. The university shall not allow sales of beer, wine or spirits at university presented events featuring performances by university students. Typically, beer, wine and spirits service will be available only at events where the venue is leased by an outside promoter or select university presented events. Beer/wine/spirits may be served at private functions.

Residence halls

Residence hall directors and assistant directors are uniquely situated on the university campus. The duties and responsibilities require that directors and assistant directors live in on campus apartments and these are their permanent residences. The 1993 Alcohol Policy Task Force recommended that these staff members be authorized to possess and consume alcohol in their apartments. The policy for the possession and consumption of alcohol by residence hall directors and assistant hall directors should be established by the Director of Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services, who is responsible for the direction and supervision of the Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services program. At a minimum, policies should require that alcohol is never consumed in the presence of a residence hall student or by anyone under the age of 21.

Residents of Monroe Apartments, Sunvilla Tower and Kentwood Hall (and other residence halls approved by the director of Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services and the president) are not prohibited from possession and consumption of alcohol in their apartments if they are above the legal drinking age pursuant to Missouri law.

Revision of the Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention Program

Action on any of the above recommendations should be followed by a careful review of the Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention Program by the staff of the Dean of Students for any necessary revisions. Proposed revisions should then be presented to the president and his Administrative Council for approval.


September 15, 2006 Board of Governors Resolution which delegated the authority to approve the use of alcoholic beverages in designated university facilities to the president of the university and authorized the president to further delegate to the chancellors of the West Plains and Mountain Groves campuses such authority for those campuses.