Express Mail Policy

Op5.09-5 Express Mail Policy

It is the policy of International Services and the English Language Institute to mail student admission documents via ‘express mail’ such as Federal Express or UPS so potential students receive the documents in a more timely manner and documents are more easily tracked during the delivery process. This is especially important in foreign countries as the mail service may not be as reliable or as easily tracked as in the United States.

If additional documents must be sent to an individual, either for admission purposes or to replace a lost document, International Services and the English Language Institute may require the recipient to pay a fixed amount, not to exceed $75, to help defray the cost of the express mail expense for both domestic and international mailings. This amount is not intended as an additional student fee, rather to offset the additional expenses to the departments.

This policy falls under the oversight of International Programs within Research and Economic Development and International Programs

Effective date

Approved by President on September 24, 2012