Self-Propelled Devices, other than Bicycles, on University Property

Op11.16 Self-Propelled Devices, other than Bicycles, on University Property

This policy refers to skateboards, longboards, kick scooters, in-line skates, roller skates, self-balancing electric scooters (hoverboards) and any other self-propelled devices that may develop. Such self-propelled devices are generally permitted on campus exclusively as personal modes of transportation when used on outdoor non-elevated paved surfaces such as sidewalks. The Department of University Safety reserves the right to assess if a device is safe to operate on campus and take appropriate action based on the results of the assessment.

Self-propelled devices are prohibited on elevated surfaces such as benches and platforms, on stairs, on ramps, railings, curbs, and on city streets except at marked pedestrian crossings, and shall at all times be operated in a safe, courteous and responsible manner, and shall not be operated in a manner which may present a threat or endangerment to the health or safety of any person. Tricks, jumping, coping, grinding, sliding, or any intentional maneuver in which any of the device’s wheels leave the ground is prohibited.

The use of such devices is prohibited within all university facilities including Bear Park North and South, and shall be restricted to designated bike lanes in areas where such lanes are available. Pedestrians shall have right of way over all such devices at all times.

Persons violating this policy shall be subject to discipline under the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities or other applicable university policy.