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Op11.04-3 Faculty and Staff

Reservations and catering: What you need to know

  1. What does the Event and Meeting Services Office (EMSO) do?
  2. Where do I go?
  3. When do I need to request space?
  4. How long does it take and where do I get a confirmation?
  5. What if we cancel a meeting or an event?
  6. What if we want to have food?
  7. Okay, what does all this cost?
  8. When/how do we pay for services?
  9. What we need from you…

What does the EMSO do?

  • Help plan your event from start to finish
  • Checks for space availability
  • Schedules space for your event
  • Provides setup and technical services within the Union
  • Helps you with other services such as catering, decorating, security, parking, & physical plant requests
  • Provide written confirmation once reservation details have been confirmed
  • We can also help you publicize your event

Where do I go?

When do I need to request space?

  • Up to a year in advance for events in Plaster Student Union (As soon as you begin planning for a large event, talk to us about what you need and how we can help)
  • Request for space in other buildings can be reserved as soon as the class schedule is set for the semester (usually October 15 & March 15).

How long does it take and where do I get a confirmation?

  • 24 hour turn around time for non academic buildings
  • Requests that involve other departments and/or services may take up to 3 days (For large events involving special set ups & equipment, we need all information from you at least 2 weeks before your event)
  • Academic buildings can take up to 48 hours
  • Confirmation will be emailed to the group contact

What if we cancel a meeting or an event?

  • To cancel a meeting or event:
  • If you do not cancel an event, charges for labor, equipment and food will still apply
  • Catering cancellation must be made 3 working days prior to your event

**Even if charges will not apply, it is courteous to cancel a reservation as it allows others to use the space**

What if we want to have food?

  • Food is allowed in all areas of PSU & in certain areas of other buildings
  • Food must be ordered through Missouri State Catering or PSU food court vendors
  • Food must be ordered 10 business days prior to your event
  • Final guaranteed numbers for food must be given 48 hours prior to your event
  • Missouri State Catering is located in the Event and Meeting Services Office (PSU 302)

Okay, what does all this cost?

PSU room rental

The PSU has a 3-tiered pricing structure

  • University departments doing university business are not charged room rental (departmental meetings, workshops, special speakers or retirement parties)
  • Departmental sponsored charges will apply if you Co-sponsor an event with an off-campus company or organization, or charge registration fees or admission
  • Individual faculty/staff members can rent space in the Union at 10% off of the regular off campus price (parties, bowling, wedding receptions)


  • There are set up charges of $18 when you need a different set up than the standard one in PSU
  • The ballroom always incurs a set up fee because there is no standard set up. The charge varies depending on the set up needs. The fee is $18/hour.
  • Rooms in other campus buildings must be used in their standard set up
  • Check with the Event and Meeting Service Office for any special set up charges


  • PSU has an extensive list of audio/visual equipment that you can rent for your event
  • PSU equipment can not be taken out of the Union
  • Departments can bring in their own equipment or reserve equipment through Classroom Instructional Technologies in Meyer Library
  • Departments are responsible for taking Classroom Instructional Technologies equipment back to Meyer Library
  • The PSU is not responsible for any equipment brought into the Union


  • To find pricing and menu options please go to www.missouristate.edu/dining/, then choose Catering, then choose Catering Guide
  • To talk with a catering representative please call 417-836-5046 or 417-836-4629

When/how do we pay for services?

  • Invoices are issued after your event
  • If your event has catered food you will receive two (2) invoices - one from Missouri State Catering and one from Event and Meeting Services
  • Charges will appear on a monthly statement from MSU Financial Services
  • Charges made to your personal account may be paid at the Bursar’s Office
  • Department budgets are charged automatically

What we need from you…

  • Make request for services as far in advance as possible
  • Involve us in the planning process
  • Keep us informed of any changes made to your event