Diversity Hiring and Recruitment Programs

Op1.02-3 Diversity Hiring and Recruitment Programs

I. Diversity Hiring Program

Strategic recruiting is central to the University’s efforts to realize its vision to be a premier learning community. On occasion, unexpected or unusual recruitment and hiring opportunities will arise apart from formalized hiring procedures and absent the existence of an open line; these opportunities also hold the promise of helping the University realize its mission and vision. The Diversity Hiring Program is designed and intended to complement the traditional recruitment efforts and broaden the University’s institutional investment in outstanding and diverse employees. In no way is the Diversity Hiring Program designed to trammel the interests of applicants, nor does it create a bar to advancement of other employees.

Through the Diversity Hiring Program, and subject to all federal and state laws, a hiring administrator may obtain a whole or partial exception to any applicable search requirement with regard to the employment of a particular diverse candidate by following the procedures outlined below.

The term "diversity" is defined broadly and may include race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, cultural experiences, disability, age, veteran status, educational experiences, work experiences, a history of living overseas, a member of a group that is underrepresented within the hiring department, and/or any other factor that would enhance the University’s cultural diversity. The characteristics (especially when found in combination) that might be used to make this case include, but are not limited to:

  • The candidate has talent, interests, perspectives, or experiences that would enable him or her to enhance the understanding of cultural, racial, ethnic, geographic, or gender diversity within the University.
  • The candidate has experience working with diverse student groups or in diverse environments.
  • The candidate is an emerging star in an area that would greatly enhance a program or build strategic new ties between existing programs.
  • The candidate is the spouse or partner of someone who is a candidate in a regular search and offers unique contribution of his or her own.
  • The candidate will advance and support the scholarship of engagement through research and creative work done in collaboration with academic and/or community partners that contributes in significant ways to the overall mission of Missouri State University.

All requests to utilize the Diversity Hiring Program must be made in writing by the hiring administrator and provided to the major administrator for review. Ultimate approval of each Diversity Hiring Program request is with the Provost/Vice President. Each candidate will be individually reviewed. Requests for funding presume a cost-sharing arrangement. The details of each arrangement will vary depending on the circumstances and the funding model utilized by the cost-center.

All requests should explain:

  1. The objective or goal underlying the request and how it relates to the hiring unit’s overall diversity priorities as identified by the hiring administrator;
  2. What related efforts have already been undertaken at the department, college/school, or division level;
  3. What commitment the department, college/school, or division is prepared to make;
  4. What commitment is the department, college/school, or division seeking;
  5. Any timing issues involved.

The hiring unit should provide a copy of the current curriculum vita or resume of the prospective employee with the written request.

Upon approval of a specific Diversity Hiring request, the Provost/Vice President will work closely with the Office for Institutional Equity and Compliance to assure that appropriate procedures are followed.

II. Diversity Recruitment Measures

In addition to the Diversity Hiring Program, hiring units are encouraged and expected to engage in rigorous diversity efforts during the course of a standard search. Specific measures that should be employed include, but are not limited to:

  1. Targeted outreach to identify qualified applicants and generate interest in Missouri State University employment opportunities, concurrent with or in advance of public recruitment.
  2. Expanded advertising and networking efforts to diversify the applicant pool.
  3. Augmentation of interview pools to provide for the continuing consideration of diverse candidates who might not otherwise be included in preliminary interview pools, but whose academic qualifications are substantially equal to other candidates included in preliminary interview pools.
  4. Hiring plans should include the specific efforts intended to optimize the potential for a diverse pool of applicants. The hiring plan should include the anticipated costs for implementing these strategies and the funding plan. The central administration will review requests to provide additional funding for recruitment on a case-by-case basis.

III. Program Monitoring

To monitor and evaluate the efficacy of the Diversity Hiring Program, the Equal Opportunity Officer will compile an annual report documenting all diversity hires under the Diversity Hiring Program. This report will be submitted to the President annually, who will present it to the Board.