Research at Missouri State

Requesting university data

The Office of Institutional Research collects and maintains specific information related to the University, its faculty, its students, and its programs.  This information is collected to fulfill the University’s reporting obligations and to provide University administration with accurate data regarding the University.  Prior to 2020, the Office of Institutional Research published two documents annually about the University’s Springfield campus: 

  1. A FactBook which outlined data relating to enrollment, finance and financial aid, faculty and staff, credit hour, and other comprehensive information.
  2. A Diversity Report which was an abbreviated edition of the FactBook that reported diversity data only. 

Individuals seeking data regarding the University prior to 2020 should consult these resources.

For current information on the University, the Office of Institutional Research creates and maintains a collection of reports/ dashboards on its KPI page including:

  1. Interactive Enrollment Dashboard
  2. Interactive Retention Dashboard
  3. Interactive Graduate Outcomes Dashboard
  4. Interactive Faculty/Staff Dashboard

The Office of Institutional Research also publishes BearStats, which offers a succinct overview of the most-requested university data. 

Any requests for information beyond what is already published by the Office of Institutional Research should be directed to the Custodian of Records.

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