Faculty and Staff


Kyle J. Aho

Teaching: Jazz Piano, Dance classes accompanist

Dr. Scott Cameron

Dr. Scott Cameron

Associate Professor
Percussion Area Coordinator

Percussion, Percussion Ensembles, Percussion Methods, Percussion Area Coordinator; Teaching: MUS 146, MUS 157-757, MUS 172-772, MUS 298/398/498/798, MUS 538/638

Dr. Lisa R. Casey

Horn, Horn Ensemble, Brass Methods; Teaching: MUS 144, MUS 156-756, MUS 172-772, MUS 398/498/798, MUS 538/638

Dr. Carol L. Chapman

Voice, Voice Diction; Teaching: MUS 163-753, MUS 294/295, MUS 398/498

Dr. Jeremy A. Chesman

Organ, Carillon, Music Theory; Teaching: MUS 152-752, MUS 160-760, MUS 203/204, MUS 398/498/798, MUS 315, MUS 538/638

Dr. Julie C. Combs

Teaching: MUS 103, MUS 107/108/208, MUS 298, MUS 307/308

Dr. Ann Marie Daehn

Voice, Opera Workshop; Teaching: MUS 153/253/353/453, MUS 193/293/393/493/793

Robert T. Gibson

Robert T. Gibson

Per Course Faculty
Gospel Choir Conductor

Randy P. Hamm

Randy P. Hamm

Jazz Studies Director, Woodwind Area Coordinator

Saxophone, Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Symposium, Woodwind Area Coordinator; Teaching: MUS 155-755, MUS 172-772, MUS 174-774, MUS 119-319, MUS 298/398/498/798, MUS 220, MUS 526, MUS 538/638

Dr. Jason M. Hausback

Trombone, Jazz Ensemble; Teaching: MUS 156/256/356/456, MUS 174/274/374/474/674, MUS 498

Dr. David R. Hays

Violin, String Area Coordinator; Teaching: MUS 149-749, MUS 172-772, MUS 298/398/498/798, MUS 539/639, MUS 740

Dr. Daniel S. Hellman

Music Education, Music Education Coordinator; Teaching: MUS 411, MUS 488, MUS 494, MUS 496, MUS 499, MUS 720, MUS 790, MUS 799

Dr. Jill L. Heyboer

Flute, Flute Ensemble; Teaching: MUS 155-755, MUS 172-772, MUS 398/498/798, MUS 538/638, MUS 599

Dr. Andrew H. Homburg

Music Education, Orff Certification Coordinator; Teaching: MUS 148, MUS 200, MUS 305, MUS 494-496, MUS 510, MUS 609

Dr. Hye-Jung Hong

Piano; Teaching: MUS 151-751, MUS 398/498/798, MUS 538/638

Dr. Christopher M. Kelts

Dr. Christopher M. Kelts

Associate Professor
Director of Orchestral Studies

Dr. Cameron F. LaBarr

Dr. Cameron F. LaBarr

Director of Choral Studies
Associate Professor; Clif and Gail Smart Professor

Martin T. Morrison

Teaching: Language of Music, Jazz Drums, Jazz Symposium

Dr. Amy F. Muchnick

Viola, String Orchestra, Language of Music; Teaching: MUS 149-749

Dr. Michael F. Murray

Music Theory, Music Composition, Music Theory Area Coordinator; Teaching: MUS 103-203, MUS 104, MUS 313/314, MUS 398/498/798, MUS 512, MUS 516-521, MUS 538/638, MUS 715, MUS 727/728

Dr. James Parsons

Music History; Teaching: MUS 345/346, MUS 545/546, MUS 685/686, MUS 700

Dr. Paula K. Patterson

Voice; Teaching: MUS 153-753, MUS 172-772, MUS 398/498/798, GEP 101

Dr. Richard Todd Payne

Voice, Voice Class; Teaching: MUS 135, MUS 153-753, MUS 398/498/798

Dr. Grant S. Peters

Trumpet, Trumpet Ensemble, Brass Area Coordinator; Teaching: MUS 156-756, MUS 172-772, MUS 298/398/498/798, MUS 538/638, MUS 656/756

Dr. Erin E. Plisco

Dr. Erin E. Plisco

Assistant Professor
Associate Director of Choral Studies

Dr. John S. Prescott

Dr. John S. Prescott

Music Composition Area Coordinator; Graduate Coordinator

Graduate Coordinator; Music Theory, Music Composition, Music History, Music Composition Area Coordinator; Teaching: MUS 110, MUS 130, MUS 203/204, MUS 239, MUS398/498/798, MUS 328, MUS 516-521, MUS 700, MUS 715

Vicky L. Scott

Vicky L. Scott

Kodály Certification Program Coordinator

Teaching: MUS 200, MUS 340, MUS 430, MUS 494, MUS 496, MUS 689

Dr. Brad Snow

Dr. Brad Snow

Associate Professor
Director of Athletic Bands

Darcy W. Stevens

Audio Recording; Teaching: MUS 216-416

Dr. Allison M. Storochuk

Clarinet, Woodwind Methods; Teaching: MUS 141, MUS 155-755, MUS 172-772, MUS 398/498/798, MUS 538/638

Dr. Wei-Han Su

Piano; Teaching: MUS 798

Dr. Chris A. Thompson

Voice; Teaching: MUS 153-753, MUS 298/398/498/798, MUS 524/624, MUS 530

Dr. John Zastoupil

Dr. John Zastoupil

Associate Professor
Director of Concert Bands

Per Course Faculty & Graduate Assistants

Ron L. Brammer

Community Band; Teaching: MUS 178-678

Kathleen A. Murray

Music Theory; Teaching: MUS 103-203

Dr. Laurine G. St Pierre

Voice; Teaching: MUS 153-253

John A. Strickler

Guitar, Guitar Methods; Teaching: MUS 133, MUS 158-258

Sue A. Stubbs

Double Bass; Teaching: MUS 149-449, MUS 398/498/798

Bob G. Swanson

Low Brass Techniques; Teaching: MUS 145

Emeritus Faculty

Michael R. Casey

Musical Theatre, Music Theory

Jerry W. Hoover

Jerry W. Hoover

Faculty Emeritus
Director of Bands


Dr. Cynthia Green Libby

Oboe, Music Theory, Woodwind Methods, Introduction to Music and Healing

Dr. Michael A. Murray

Cello, Music History, Music Theory, String Methods

Dr. Robert C. Quebbeman

Score Reading, Conducting, Orchestra