Get Connected

The LGBTQ+ Resource Center has numerous ways students can access our resources or get involved with the center. Check out the links below to learn more. Or email the LGBTQ+ Resource Center or Coordinator with any questions.

Meet the Staff

Check out our staff page to meet the Coordinator, student workers, and student organizations presidents.

Social Media

The LGBTQ+ Resource Center is very active on social media. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to keep up with our programming and how to stay connected.

Student Organizations

Missouri State currently has three student orgs devoted to providing space, support, and community for LGBTQ+ identified students. Click here to learn more about the orgs and find their contact informations.

Visit the Center

The LGBTQ+ Resource Center is located in the Mary Jean Price Walls Multicultural Resource Center Annex on the lower level of Freddy. Check out this page to learn more about our in-house resources.