Frederick Shegog

Frederick Shegog, Keynote Speaker for the Impact Summit

Frederick Shegog, Founder/CEO of The Message LLC, is inspiring, educating, and creating healthy lifestyles for all as a motivational speaker. Dumpster diving, panhandling, and drinking were once everyday activities for Frederick Shegog. In his early twenties, he entered a spiral of addiction and untreated mental health that pulled him away from his childhood dreams. Despite a decade of alcohol abuse and time spent homeless, Shegog was able to transform himself into an honors student in just two years. Now, as a motivational speaker, he is on a mission to help others combat substance use disorder and mental health. Experienced in creating and facilitating workshops to address the needs of the community in the areas of collegiate recovery, substance use disorders, and mental health, he is changing the way colleges serve/educate students in recovery and dealing with mental illness. Frederick routinely speaks to patients range in age from 16-65 dealing with physical, mental, developmental, or emotional disabilities. Group and lecture topics range from family, parenting, friendships, significant others, and goal setting.

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