Honors College Regular Course Offerings

The Honors College program stresses active student participation in the learning process by fostering collaboration, engagement, and discourse in small class settings. Honors courses are designed to help students to develop their critical thinking skills by emphasizing interdisciplinary study, academic research, and scholarly writing. The Honors College offers more than 40 courses in as many as 20 academic disciplines. These classes are offered by the senior instructors and researchers at the University and provide honors students with opportunities to begin working closely with faculty members early in their academic careers.

The following courses are offered regularly in the honors format:

ACC 206 Accounting Choices & Methods-Honors

ANT 100 World Cultures-Honors

ANT 125 Exploring Human Ancestry-Honors

ART 271 History of Western Art I-Honors

ART 272 History of Western Art II-Honors

AST 115 Basic Astronomy-Honors

BIO 121 General Biology I-Honors

BMS 110 Introduction to Biomedical Science-Honors

CHM 160/161 General Chemistry I & Lab-Honors

COM 115 Fundamentals of Public Speaking-Honors

HST 121 United States to 1877-Honors

HST 122 United States since 1877-Honors

ECO 155 Principles of Macroeconomics-Honors

ECO 165 Principles of Microeconomics-Honors

EDC 350 School & Society-Honors

ENG 110 Writing I-Honors

ENG 215 Creative Writing: Short Story-Honors

ENG 310 Writing II: Graduate & Professional School-Honors

ENG 321 Writing II: Beginning Technical Writing-Honors

GRY 100 World Regional Geography-Honors

HST 103 World History to 1600-Honors

LLT 121 Classical Mythology-Honors

LLT 180 Hero & Quest-Honors

MUS 241 The Language of Music-Honors

MUS 346 Music in Western Culture & Society II-Honors

PHI 110 Introduction to Philosophy-Honors

PHI 115 Ethics & Contemporary Issues-Honors

PLS 101 American Democracy & Citizenship-Honors

PSY 121 Introductory Psychology-Honors

PSY 200 Psychological Statistical Methods-Honors

REL 100 Introduction to Religion-Honors

REL 101 Literature & World of the Old Testament-Honors

REL 102 Literature & World of the New Testament-Honors

REL 110 Pathways of World Religion-Honors

REL 131 Religion in America-Honors

SOC 150 Introduction to Society-Honors

THE 101 Introduction to Theatre & Drama-Honors

UHC 110 Freshman Honors Seminar

UHC 300 Honors Service Learning

UHC 396 Honors Independent Study

UHC 397 Honors Colloquia

UHC 398 Honors Undergraduate Research

UHC 399 Honors Internship/Apprenticeship

UHC 410 Senior Honors Seminar

UHC 499 Honors Distinction Project

For descriptions of these courses, please visit the Undergraduate Catalog. For listings of current course offerings, please visit Honors College Class Schedules.