CORE 42 Knowledge Areas, Competencies, & Structure

General education is the curricular foundation of Missouri institutions of higher learning.  It equips students with the intellectual tools, knowledge, and creative capabilities to engage in today’s globally interconnected and rapidly changing world. Regardless of major, career plans, or personal goals, all Missouri graduates should excel in the essential skills of oral and written communication, critical thinking, information management and quantitative and qualitative analysis.  Through general education, Missouri institutions foster student success in their specialized areas of study and toward rewarding lives as educated persons, active citizens, and effective contributors to their own prosperity and to the general welfare of the world in which they live.

The framework for Missouri’s CORE 42 is designed for students to obtain the basic competencies of Valuing, Managing Information, Communicating, and Higher-Order Thinking through the completion of at least 42-semester hours distributed across the broad Knowledge Areas of Communications, Humanities & Fine Arts, Natural & Mathematical Sciences, and Social & Behavioral Sciences. For each of the five knowledge areas there are competencies that are met by courses in that area (CORE 42 Knowledge Area Competencies). The Core 42 basic competencies are achieved through completion of the CORE 42 in its entirety and can be found on the MDHE CORE 42 website in CORE 42 Report only.

CORE 42 Structure and Credit Requirements

  1. Social & Behavioral Sciences (9 credits minimum from at least 2 disciplines, including at least one Civics course)
  2. Written Communication (6 credit hours minimum)
  3. Oral Communication (3 credit hours minimum)
  4. Natural Sciences (7 credit hours minimum from at least 2 disciplines, including one course with a lab component)
  5. Mathematical Sciences (3 credit hours minimum; *Courses that use one of the pathway courses as a prerequisite will meet the general education credit for math. For example, Calculus meets the General Education math requirement since Pre-Calculus Algebra is a prerequisite but only 3 credits will count for CORE 42 completion).
  6. Humanities & Fine Arts (9 credit hours minimum, from at least 2 disciplines; *Only 3 credits of MOTR PERF are allowed in CORE 42)
  7. Additional 5+ credit hours to complete CORE 42 can be achieved by taking additional MOTR courses; note exceptions marked with Asterisks (*) above.

For additional information on the knowledge areas, competencies, and structure of CORE 42 visit MDHE CORE 42.