Placement and Assessment

Placement and Assessment Examinations

Missouri State University utilizes placement exams to help insure that students enroll in the English Composition and Math courses that offer them the best opportunity to learn and be successful.  Some ACT Exam scores are used for this reason as well.

Missouri State University will grant credit for College Board Advanced Placement Examinations for certain courses.

The University awards credit for the CLEP Subject Examinations only. It does NOT recognize the CLEP General Examinations.

All students admitted into a degree program during the fall 1993 semester and beyond must complete a nationally normed test designed to assess general education and educational preparedness. Students must take this University Exit Exam prior to graduation and upon the completion of 90 or more credit hours.

Missouri State University recognizes the International Baccalaureate Diploma for admission. Furthermore, the University will grant as many as twenty-one semester hours of course credit and advanced placement to those students who have passed the higher level subject exams at a level of four or higher. Specific credit awards are at the discretion of the University.

An appropriate placement is required prior to taking any of the entry level mathematics courses beyond MTH 101 as noted in the course prerequisite. Students can use their ACT or SAT math sub score or the results from the Department of Mathematics Placement Test to determine their appropriate math placement level.