Instructor Recruitment


2017 GEP 101 Instructor Application

Deadline to apply for first consideration: Friday, March 3, 2017

Directions for submitting the Instructor Application:

  • Save the PDF to your computer
  • Open the PDF in Adobe Reader
  • Complete the form & save with YOUR NAME in the file name
  • You have two options for submission:
    • Email the saved file to
    • Print and return to the First-Year Programs Office (UNVH 205)

GEP 101 is a two-credit hour, two-contact hour class.

  • All sections are full semester (two 50-minute periods per week for 16 weeks)
  • Some sections are "high- impact" educational practices. For example: Curricular Learning Communities, Service Learning, and Living Learning Communities. A few designated sections, such as First-Generation designated are also available.

Requirements to teach

Summary of Required Criteria for GEP 101 Instructor Selection:

  • Master’s Degree or higher.
  • Meet the required course goals and objectives, including 1:1 meetings with students outside of class at least once during the semester.
  • Follow up at mid-term with students in academic difficulty.
  • Use common assignments (e.g., Common Reader, Title IX, SearchPath) and rubric for the purpose of General Education assessment.
  • Use plus/minus grading in all sections of GEP 101. Note: faculty may “opt out” upon request, as per faculty handbook policy.
  • Require four-hour public affairs service activity.
  • Notification to FYP office if extended absence is expected (or emergency) so we can arrange substitutes.
  • First priority to full-time faculty and staff. As a reminder, staff must make arrangements with their supervisor for an equivalent adjustment in daily work schedule.
  • Completion of mandatory Instructor Development Workshop, Saturday, April 8, 9:00am-1:00pm, PSU Ballroom East.

Summary of preferred criteria for GEP 101 instructor selection:

  • Experience teaching first year students.
  • Status as a returning GEP instructor (with at least average course evaluation scores, grades submitted on time).
  • Scholarly research or presentations related to the first-year experience. (E.g., pedagogy, learning communities, service-learning, etc.).
  • Involvement in retention, and/or student success related committee work or service.
  • Current Master Advisor certification. For registration information:

Selection process:

  • First priority to full-time faculty and staff who meet preferred criteria listed above.
  • First-Year Programs will obtain written approval from department head/supervisor for faculty and staff before final selection.
  • Final selection determined by Director of First-Year Programs, and is approved by the First-Year Council.

Benefits for faculty and staff

  • Opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration and pedagogical innovation.
  • Enhanced collegiality across disciplines.
  • Increased awareness of students' academic and personal needs.
  • Contributing to the success and retention of first-year students.

Stipend information

GEP 101 Compensation Schedule*, Effective Fall 2012:

Classification of Faculty/StaffCompensation Per Section
Professor $3,200
Associate Professor $2,800
Assistant Professor $2,400
Instructors/non-tenure track/per course $2,400
Staff with Doctorate $2,400
Staff with Masters $2,400

*Compensation schedule approved by Provost and President, December 2011


Faculty may teach as part of load as determined by their departments, for stipend, or transfer of funds*. Faculty members must have department head or supervisor's approval.

*Note regarding “transfer of funds” to department option: To avoid any tax issue, the instructor:

  1. agrees before class begins by signature on Position Request form, and
  2. does not direct the use of the funds after transfer.


Staff who teach must have permission from their supervisor. They must make up the lost time on their jobs if teaching for stipend. It is not legal or ethical to receive money from two University sources for the same working hours. An email requesting supervisor approval will be sent from First-Year Programs and retained on file.