Voluntary Deductions for Full-time Faculty and Staff Employees

To start, stop or change a voluntary deduction, a signed document is required.

Family Medical, Dental, Vision, Long Term Care, Critical Illness, Universal Life, and Accident insurance are available through the University. Contact Human Resources for more information.

Pre-tax Flexible Medical and Child Care deductions are available on a calendar year basis. Each November is open enrollment for the next year’s plan.

MOST (Section 529 Plan) deductions are started after the contract is entered into through the web. The instructions include completing a payroll page to print and return to the Payroll Office. The minimum deduction is $25.00.

TEAMSTERS and IBEW Union Dues forms are supplied by the respective Unions. Complete and submit the form to the Payroll office to begin the deduction. To stop the deduction, write a short letter regarding your decision to the Union and the Payroll office.

Section 403(b) salary deferral instructions are located on the Human Resources-Employee Benefits web page. Employee must visit https://www.myretirementmanager.com/ to start, stop or change a 403(b) contribution. Please refer to instructions on HR-Employee Benefits web page for How to enroll in retirement manager. Changes must be completed by the 10th day of the month to affect the end of the month’s pay.

Section 457(b) salary deferral instructions are located on the Human Resources-Employee Benefits web page. Employees can visit www.modeferredcomp.org to start, stop, or change their deferral amount. Changes must be completed prior to the last working day of the month to affect the next month’s pay.

Pre-tax Parking permits are purchased through Parking Administration. Deductions will continue until the employee informs Parking they no longer are using University Parking by turning in the parking permit even if the expiration date has passed.

Foster Recreation Center deductions are started after a payroll deduction authorization form has been completed at the Foster Recreation Center. To start, stop, or change your payroll deduction you must contact the Foster Recreation Center.

Charitable contribution deductions

Employees can visit https://www.missouristatefoundation.org/waysofgiving.asp for information on Ways of Giving to the Foundation. To start, stop, or change your payroll deduction gift you must complete the Foundation payroll deduction form.

United Way deduction forms are collected in October each year with the deductions to begin the following January. If an employee wishes to start a contribution at any other time, deduction forms are located in Human Resources. Once a deduction begins it will continue until the employee specifically notifies Payroll in writing or by email to Payroll@missouristate.edu that the deduction is no longer authorized as of a certain date.

IRS Publication 526 provides guidance on claiming charitable deductions. Any monthly deduction over $250 will require an additional letter from either the United Way or the Foundation.