Student Opportunities and Services

Gamma Iota Sigma

Gamma Iota Sigma is the international risk management, insurance and actuarial science fraternity. GIS seeks to:

  • Promote, encourage and sustain student interest in insurance, risk management and actuarial science as professions
  • Encourage high moral and scholarly attainment
  • Facilitate the interaction and cooperation of educational institutions, industry and professional organizations by fostering research, scholarship and improved public relations

By joining our organization, you will build relationships and connections with your fellow students. You will also learn from the speakers we invite from risk management agencies and major international companies. Please join us if your major is Risk Management and Insurance or Actuarial Science, or your minor is Insurance.

Financial Management Association

The purpose of the Financial Management Association is to:

  • Broaden the common interests between academics and practitioners
  • Provide opportunities for professional interaction between and among academics, professionals and students
  • Promote the development and understanding of basic and applied research and of sound financial practices
  • Enhance the quality of education in finance

We host meetings every other Wednesday and occasionally take field trips. If you are interested in joining us, please contact our faculty advisor.

Student talking with interviewer at job fair

Field trips

Our department takes regular field trips to visit major finance and insurance firms around the United States. These are special opportunities for you to learn from our tour guides how an insurance firm runs. You can also build relationships with your teachers and fellow students during these trips. If you are interested in one of these field trips, please contact the office of finance and risk management for more information.

FRM student group at Statue of Liberty

Online learning

Our program is geared to give students flexible scheduling and class options to ensure that you have the best opportunity to complete your degree. A part of this flexibility includes online classes so that students can more easily fit their education into their busy schedules. It is our goal to offer all of our finance courses in online formats to offer our students even greater flexibility in their studies.

Student taking notes during class


In addition to scholarships, the support we receive from the finance and insurance industries gives our students great opportunities to pursue and find internships with these companies. Alumni from our department are employed in some of these businesses, meaning that they know the quality of education our students receive. These internships can also lead to job offerings in the future! Students can count up to three credit hours toward their degree for an approved internship experience. Please see the university’s undergraduate catalog.

Staff helping a student on a computer

Education Abroad opportunities

Finance is not an industry restricted to the United States; there are finance and insurance institutions worldwide! If you are interested in living and working abroad, Missouri State’s Office of Education Abroad can help you enhance your education and enrich your personal life with new experiences.

Student group gathered in Germany