Curriculum Innovation Mini-Grant Recipients

2020 Curriculum Innovation Mini-Grant Award Recipients

The following faculty received up to $1,200 in equipment, software, or services to assist with teaching through alternative methods during Fall 2020.

Name College/Department Award Description
See Legend below
Benjamin Goss COB/Management A.
Paul Ajuwon COE/Counseling Leadership and Special Ed D.
Joseph Williams MCHHS/Biomedical Sciences A.
Subhasree Basu Roy CHPA/Economics A.
Helena Metzker CNAS/Chemistry A.
Jeff Loughary COAL/World Languages and Cultures A.
Megan Rainville COB/Finance and Risk Management B.
Jamie Grigsby COB/Marketing B.
Annice McLean COE/Reading Foundations and Technology A.
Jennice McCafferty-Wright COE/Childhood Ed and Family Studies A.
Rhonda Bishop COE/Childhood Ed and Family Studies B.
Damon Bassett CNAS/Geography Geology and Planning B.
Amanda Smith COAL/Art and Design A.
Kayla Lewis COE/Reading Foundations and Technology A.
Julie Gallaway CHPA/Economics A.
Natasha DeVore CNAS/Chemistry A.
Wayne Anderson COB/Finance and Risk Management A.
Gwen Walstrand COAL/Art and Design A.
Paria Akbar Akhgari CHPA/Philosophy A.
Holly Holladay COAL/Media, Journalism and Film B.
Muhammad Raza COE/Childhood Ed and Family Studies B.
Ching Wen-Chang COE/Reading Foundations and Technology A.
Luis Lombilla COAL/World Languages and Cultures A.
Keiichi Yoshimatsu CNAS/Chemistry A.
Deidre Argyle COAL/Art and Design A.
Tara Oetting MCHHS/Communication Sciences and Disorders A.
Natalie Curry MCHHS/Social Work A.
Marijana Kotlaja CHPA/Criminology A.
Lisa Langston MCHHS/Social Work A.
Georgianna Saunders CNAS/Biology B.
Brian High CNAS/Chemistry A.
Weiyan Wang COAL/Media, Journalism and Film D.
Suzanne Walker-Pacheco CHPA/Sociology and Anthropology A.
Kristin Harper COAL/World Languages and Cultures E.
Mahua Mitra CHPA/Economics A.
Richard Biagioni CNAS/Chemistry A.


A. Hardware for recording and hand annotating sessions for online delivery.
B. Hardware for delivering hand annotated online sessions.
C. Hardware/Software for recording/editing sessions for online delivery.
D. Software for supporting the visually impaired.
E. Replica Ancient Relic Items "Study Collection".