2016 Showcase Curriculum Innovation Interactive Poster Sessions

2016 Showcase Curriculum Innovation Interactive Poster Sessions

Each year the FCTL Advisory Council awards mini-grants in support for innovative teaching strategies that focus on student engagement, active learning, and student success. This is a competitive application process where faculty submit a proposed project, planned methodology, and evaluation of their findings. These interactive poster sessions are facilitated by recipients of the Curriculum Innovation awards and are intended to highlight best practices and innovative ideas that are of interest to other faculty and/or academic departments. This broad selection of poster sessions should provide visitors with an informal interactive exchange and an opportunity for discussion with other faculty.

The following interactive poster sessions are being presented by faculty awarded 2015-2016 Curriculum Innovation funding.

Using Effective Instructional Delivery Models and Self-Management Techniques to Improve Instruction for Pre-service Teachers
Counseling, Leadership, and Special Education

Primary Investigator: Dr. Reesha Adamson
Co-investigator: Michael Goeringer

Printing the Impossible: 3D Printed Visual Aids for Teaching Spatial Thinking in the Geosciences Geography, Geology, and Planning

Primary Investigator: Damon Bassett
Co-investigator: Dr. Gary Michelfelder

Three-Dimensional Tools for Teaching Neuroanatomy
Sports Medicine & Athletic Training

Primary Investigator: Traci Garrison
Co-investigator: Dr. Sapna Chakraborty

Student Success and Intermediate Algebra, MTH 101

Investigators: Kimberly Van Ornum and Jennifer Pursley