Creating a Welcoming Learning Climate

Building upon Missouri State University’s already robust public affairs mission, academic affairs seeks to provide a welcoming learning climate where all faculty, staff and students have the ability to be successful.

With a commitment to inclusion and success for all, our mission incorporates a variety of approaches related to enhancing that goal. A handful of those efforts to provide a welcoming learning environment include:  

Bear Bridge

The mentoring program for faculty is designed to continue fostering collaboration among junior and senior faculty during the tenure track process. It strengthens a sense of community on our campus. This program also helps provide mentees resources and opportunities for academic accomplishments.

Provost’s Diversity Council

Made up of college diversity and inclusion chairs, this council works to address inclusive curricular development and development practices. This includes ensuring cultural competency throughout class curricula and accessibility tools designed to enhance access.    

General education curriculum

One goal of Missouri State’s general education program is the ability of students to be able to recognize and consider multiple perspectives and cultures. Program offerings provide learning and perspectives students will use throughout their lives, their roles and in their communities. The program prepares students for a lifetime of important choices.