Timeline for Returning to Campus

The university took a conservative approach toward returning employees and students to campus. While city and state orders allowed employees to return to their normal duties in May, the university has continued to have most workers remain at home and not have them return until their work requires it. This helped protect our employees, community and the campus.

  • March and April – Only a limited number of critical workers work on campus. All other employees worked remotely or stayed at home.
  • May – Some additional critical workers were allowed to return to working on campus. All other employees continued to work remotely or stay at home.
  • June – Some workers were allowed to return to campus on a part-time basis to prepare for SOAR and athletics. Some buildings were open to the public on a limited basis.
  • July – Some offices were allowed to open with reduced hours. Several student affairs operations were opened to students, including housing, dining and campus recreation.
  • August – All buildings will be open to the public. All offices and employees returned to regular hours and regular duties in preparation for student arrivals.