Provost’s Email to Faculty (March 10)

The following email was sent from the provost's office to the Missouri State faculty on March 10, 2020.

Missouri State faculty members,

Today, Missouri State University issued a travel advisory related to coronavirus (COVID-19) for all individuals who are arriving on campus or returning from any country designated by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as Level 2 or higher due to COVID-19 contagion risk.

The travel advisory may lead to the cancellation of some trips or conferences that you had planned to attend. Likewise, we are also aware that some academic conferences have been cancelled by the organizing society or institution.

Financial services has approved procedures for trips that are cancelled due to the COVID-19.

For approved trips and conferences that are cancelled due to COVID-19, the university expects the employee to mitigate expenses associated with the trip. University employees are expected to:

  • Cancel hotel, airline and rental car reservations and secure refunds to the extent possible.
  • Cancel registration fee for seminars. If registration fees are not refunded and the seminar will be conducted online, participation in the online program is required.
  • For approved trips and conferences, any costs that cannot be refunded or eliminated can be submitted for reimbursement on the Travel Expense Report. Documentation reflecting the cancellation and amounts paid must be provided. Reimbursement will not exceed the original allocation that was approved for the trip.
  • If the airline issues a credit voucher for a canceled trip, when the credit voucher is used for university travel, the university will be responsible for any fare differences as well as the penalty fee for the cancellation.
  • If the airline credit voucher cannot be used in time for university travel, the employee can use the voucher for personal travel by reimbursing the university for the cost of the personal trip.

Any questions should be directed to Financial Services: 417-836-4232 or 417-836-4557.

Academic and administrative leaders are meeting multiple times a week to discuss the evolving coronavirus situation and adopt new measures to appropriately address the disease implications as the situation changes. We’ll keep you updated and provide more details for the University community later this week.

Frank Einhellig