Fall 2020 Confirmed Cases Dashboard

The following fall 2020 semester data covers the time period of August 17 through December 13, 2020.

Access the COVID-19 Dashboard for current reports.

Confirmed cases by week

The following chart lists the total confirmed cases reported to Missouri State by week, beginning with the opening of the fall semester, the week ending August 23. There were 133 confirmed cases reported between March 10 and August 16.

Confirmed cases includes positive tests from Magers Health and Wellness Center and cases that have been self reported.

Weekly asymptomatic testing positivity rate

The following chart lists the positivity rate of the weekly sampling of asymptomatic students and employees beginning with the week ending September 20.

*November 9, 2020: Corrected 9/27/20 from 1.1% to 1.0% and 11/1/20 from 0% to 1.8%.

COVID‑19 cases on campus

Missouri State University will publicly notify the campus of positive COVID‑19 cases when the individual may have been on campus within the 14 days prior to the university’s notification.

Cases will be posted on this page as we become aware of them.

No personally identifying details will be provided.

These privacy safeguards mean that Missouri State may have very limited testing information about the campus community. There may be positive tests that the university’s leadership, including faculty and staff, don’t know about, especially those that are performed off campus.

Missouri State has established a COVID‑19 Response Team that works closely with the Springfield-Greene County Health Department to assist with contact tracing for individuals affiliated with campus who have tested positive. The response team relies on county public health experts to determine protocols for how to handle positive tests of faculty, staff or students. These protocols guide the assessment of positive cases and identifying those who require quarantine.

Public health officials and the Missouri State response team will work together to determine who an individual may have come into close contact with.

If you have had a close contact with a known positive case of COVID‑19, you will be contacted by the local health department or the Missouri State response team and asked to quarantine.

Due to the current community spread of COVID‑19, all individuals should monitor for symptoms.

If you show any symptoms, get tested and stay home. Testing is available at Magers Health and Wellness Center.