Crisis Management Core Executive Team

Missouri State's Crisis Management Core Executive Team was activated on March 2, 2020.

The team meets one or more times each week to receive a situation report regarding COVID-19 and the current and expected impact on our campus community. The team incorporates all members of the president’s Administrative Council and other critical positions to allow for university-wide decisions to be discussed and rolled out quickly and with all units operating in a cohesive manner.

The core team members are:

  • Jim Baker
  • Brad Bodenhausen
  • David Claborn
  • Jen Cox
  • Chris Craig
  • Ryan DeBoef
  • Rachael Dockery
  • Frank Einhellig
  • Steve Foucart
  • David Hall
  • David Hough
  • Dennis Lancaster
  • Rob Martin
  • Karen McKinnis
  • Natalie McNish
  • Jeff Mitchell
  • Kyle Moats
  • Matt Morris
  • Dr. Dave Muegge
  • Wes Pratt
  • Suzanne Shaw
  • Dee Siscoe
  • Clif Smart
  • Rowena Stone