Campus Contingency Plans

The university is taking steps to reduce the risk of a COVID‑19 outbreak on campus. These steps include:

  • Having testing readily available for students, faculty and staff who have symptoms of COVID‑19.
  • Conducting testing of asymptomatic students, faculty and staff.
  • Working closely with the Springfield-Greene County Health Department to support their investigation, contact tracing, testing and isolation/quarantine of campus community members who have contracted COVID‑19 or had a close contact with someone with COVID‑19.
  • Having procedures and available space to manage students needing to quarantine/isolate as required.
  • Using temporary facility closures to allow for additional cleaning and monitoring.
  • Working closely with local officials to assess the health care/public health systems’ capacity to manage cases on campus.

The university constantly evaluates factors and data relevant to the impact COVID‑19 is having on the university community and operations. The university will move classes to alternative delivery methods, modify and cancel events and activities, and implement other contingency plans as appropriate.

To the extent possible, the university will implement temporary contingency plans that alter delivery methods only for particular classes, events and activities.

If necessary, the university will implement longer-term contingency plans that alter delivery methods for a broader section of classes, events and activities. The university will work to maintain traditional delivery of labs and other hands-on learning modules to the extent possible.