Log Your Service

2. On the CampusLink homepage, you will see current memberships.  Click your profile button on the top right.

3. Under your Profile drop down menu, click Service Hours.

4. Click "Add Service Hours" button on the top right. 

5. Completely fill out the form below.  In the Description section, use a reflection prompt provided by your instructor. Sample prompts can be found at the bottom of this page.  Click "Create."

Finished! Your service submission has been created and is awaiting approval from your instructor or Community Engagement staff.  Check your service hours page to see Approved, Pending, or Denied submissions.

Student FAQs

What if I am logging service hours for more than one organization or course? 

Many students are part of FSL, GEP, a scholarship at the same time. In order to log your hours, you will need to make a separate submission for each membership. For example, you can create your first submission for GEP 101 (selecting your GEP section on the Add Service Hours page). Using the same information from that submission, you can then create a submission for your scholarship. *Make sure that your submission adheres to the guidelines of your organization.

My submission has been denied.  What's the deal? 

Here are the most common reasons:

  1. Service does not adhere to the General Requirements. To summarize, approved service is "addressing or bringing awareness to a humanitarian or community issue through a non-profit agency." Review the detailed guidelines. When in doubt, ask your instructor or call the CCE at 417-836-5774.
  2. The "Add Service Hours" form wasn't filled out completely.  Make sure to have contact information from your non-profit partner and communicate that your service was addressing a humanitarian or community issue. If your submission is denied, you can always check it on CampusLink Service Hours page to see the reason.

Reflection Prompts

Consider these prompts while you fill in the Description section of your submission.  Reflection allows you to think critically about your experience.

  1. What? So What? Now What? 
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​What: What happened at your service site?  What did you do?  What did you observe?  What community issue is being addressed?
    • So What: What did you learn?  What stood out to you?  Did you utilize any new skills?  Did you utilize your strengths or your major?  Why was your service significant? 
    • Now What: How will this service experience shape the way you make decisions in the future?  What seems to be the root cause of the issue being addressed?  How can you apply the knowledge you have gained from this service to your future career?

General Guidelines

What counts as service? These guidelines will help you define what service is and what you can include for submissions.

Training Video

View a training video for logging service hours and helpful reflection questions for your submission.

Begin Logging

This will take you to CampusLink! Use the instructions on this page to submit your service.