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Well of Life Food Pantry



Unfortunately, there are students suffering from food insecurity on the Missouri State University campus. Students having trouble finding ways to pay for their next meal, struggling with finding a place to sleep, or those who simply have not received financial assistance, all deserve to have a place they can go in order to find food.  Contrary to popular belief, food insecurity is not something with which only homeless individuals suffer. Food insecurity can be described plainly as the state of being without reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. Some students have no option but to eat cheap and unhealthy foods because they cannot find a reliable source of healthy and affordable food.

The Well of Life Food Pantry, located at 418 South Kimbrough Ave., is a non-profit organization that provides food and other basic materials to those who are faced with food insecurity. When the student food assistance program ran by the Office of Community Involvement and Service joined with Well of Life three years ago at its current location, their ultimate goal was to offer aid to Missouri State students facing food insecurity, going hungry, not able to make ends meet, or facing a delay in financial aid or other assistance.

The Ozarks Food Harvest has partnered with Well of Life and is the supplier of the food within the pantry. The food supplied includes basic grocery items such as canned fruits and vegetables, various meats, soup and snack products, and an array of different microwaveable meals. There is also bread, eggs, milk, and the option of cold or hot cereal. Health conscious options are also available, including gluten free alternatives. Basic hygiene items are offered at the food pantry as well; among these being soap (hair, body, laundry, and dish), razors, diapers, oral care products, feminine care products, and toilet paper. The quantity of supplies available for a customer to take home in per visit is dependent on the amount of members included in the family.

The time allocated specifically for the student body for the food assistance is from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays. Walk-ins are absolutely encouraged and anyone is welcome no matter their age or their situation. When dealing with students, confidentiality is a priority and customers will not be asked to answer and invasive questions beyond the simple questionnaire found on the top of the “shopping list.” Mutual trust and respect is a large part of the help offered by the organization. The Office of Community Involvement and Service at Missouri State University has partnered with Well of Life to form a useful and reliable source of food assistance for students who seek such support. Acquiring help is never something to be embarrassed about, and the Office of Community Involvement and Service encourages students to obtain the aid and support they seek.

Call the Well of Life Food Pantry at (417)-869-2865 for more information.

Students with specific questions can call the director of Community Involvement and Service at (417)-836-4840

Also, follow Well of Life Food Pantry and Ozarks Food Harvest on Facebook for special announcements and additional information on how you could help by getting involved!


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By Jerrica Shine - Kickapoo University