Academic Affairs Budget Committee

The Academic Affairs Budget Committee reports to the Office of the Executive Vice President and the Provost.


Receives proposed budgets from the collegiate budget committees, the provost’s academic areas and those portions of student affairs that report through the Provost. It then evaluates the various budget scenarios from a University-wide perspective and recommends appropriate budget action for academic affairs for the Provost and the Executive Budget Committee.


Membership will include representation from each college budget committee, the Dean and Provost staff.

  • John Jasinski, Interim Provost (Chair)

  • Brandon Aigner, RFT, COE

  • Rachel Besara, Associate Dean, LIBR

  • Dea Borneman, LIBR

  • William Boyer, ANS, COAG

  • Liza Cobos, HL, CNAS

  • Ronald Del Vecchio, Dean, COAG

  • Elizabeth Foreman, PHI, CHPA

  • Dana Frederick, MGT, COB

  • Jacob Gdovin, KIN, MCHHS

  • Robert Hornberger, Associate VP for Enrollment Management & Services

  • David Hough, Dean, COE

  • Tamera Jahnke, Dean, CNAS

  • Alan Schick, CHM, CNAS

  • Julie Masterson, Associate Provost & Dean, Graduate College

  • Victor Matthews, Dean, CHPA

  • Jennice McCafferty-Wright, CEFS, COE

  • David Meinert, Dean, COB

  • Mary Jane Pardue, MJF, COAL

  • Melissa Penkalski, NUR, MCHHS

  • Thomas Peters, Dean, LIBR

  • Gregory Rainwater, Budget & Financial Manager, Provost Office

  • Austra Reinis, REL, CHPA

  • Arbindra Rimal, AGB, COAG

  • Jennifer Roberts, MFD, COB

  • Jake Simmons, COM, COAL

  • Mark Smith, Dean, MCHHS

  • Shawl Wahl, Dean, COAL

Updated July 1, 2022

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