Applying for a Provisional Teaching Certificate

A Provisional Certificate allows you to be enrolled in a teacher preparation program at a Missouri institution and hired by a Missouri school district under a provisional/academic contract

Requirements to obtain a Provisional Certificate:

  • Must be employed in a Missouri public school or accredited private school
  • Must be within 12 hours of completing a traditional teacher preparation program or enrolled in a state-approved alternative program at a Missouri college or university
  • Must complete the following:

Once the application has been approved, the provisional certificate is valid for 2 years and is non-renewable. However, in extenuating circumstances, an extension can be requested through DESE.

To request an extension:

Submit an Extension Application through DESE profile.

Email the Professional Education Services Certification office at The email must contain name, M#, and reason for the extension request.

The MSU Certification office will send DESE an updated transcript showing what the student has completed from their original plan of study with a letter from the college or university outlining what the student has left to complete and acknowledging support for the extension.