September 21, 2006

Department Heads’ Meeting Minutes

September 21, 2006 – 8:00 a.m.

John Hoftyzer (ECO), Michael Sheng (HST), Pam Sailors (PHI), Beat Kernen (PLS), Jim Moyer (REL), Karl Kunkel (SOC), Victor Matthews and Lorene Stone.


Upcoming Deadlines/Important Dates

October 5 Provost’s Research Forum, Noon, PSU 313

October 9 Higher Ed Leadership Forum, 3:00 p.m., UniversityPlaza

October 19 & 20 CHPA Grant Writing Workshop.With 22 confirmed responses for 32 slots, Dean Stone suggested making 10 slots accessible to the College of Arts and Letters in the areas of Communication, English, and Foreign Languages.Dr. Matthews will contact Dean Newsom-Horst with this offer.

October 25 CHPA Scholarship Banquet. With a good response rate thus far, Department Heads were encouraged to reinforce RSVPs whenever possible.

Dean Stone will be out-of-town – September 21-25. Dr. Matthews will handle any College emergencies.

Mary Ann Claypool has been named Community Relations Coordinator, under the direction of Associate Provost Fairbairn, and will be available to help with planning for campus special events.


With unanimous agreement of the Department Heads, the new Heads’ Meeting time will be on Thursdays from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

With equipment thefts from Strong Hall continuing, Dean Stone stated that facility usage requests from student organizations outside CHPA will now be denied.Additionally, CHPA departments must assume responsibility for keys to be made available to their faculty who teach after 5:00 p.m.Faculty from outside the College will have to rely on Security to gain access to classrooms. Additional deterrents proposed will be put into place as determined by each department.Dr. Matthews asked to be notified when classroom keys were received by each department.

With both the Compensation Calendar and the Compensation Plan Q&A’s distributed at AAA, CHPA Department Heads’ discussion of department criteria for the Compensation Plan began today.The new departmental deadline for criteria will be October 2, with submission to the Provost by October 10.Dean Stone asked all the Department Heads to look for discrepancies and comparability in each plan prior to next week’s discussion.