September 17, 2015

Minutes - CHPA Department Heads’ Meeting

September 17, 2015

Present: Victor Matthews, Pam Sailors, Steve Berkwitz, Ken Brown, George Connor, Kathleen Kennedy, Scott Morris, David Rohall, Patti Salinas


2015 Fall Faculty Research Grants – due October 12th

Summer and Fall 2016 Intersession Proposals – due October 23rd

Sabbatical Applications due November 2nd. Policies and the application form are available on-line at this page and in FH 7.2.1.

Summer and Fall 2016 Draft Schedule -- due November 2nd

Discussion Items:

1. Hiring and Financial Situation Update: Further discussion on the measures being taken by the Dean to reduce spending and to preserve a larger share of the one-time money pool in the college. A presentation on these measures will be given to the college budget committee on Monday, September 21st.

2. MTH 130 vs. MTH 135: Heads are asked to speak to their faculty about advising their majors to take one of these classes to best prepare them for upper level course work.

3. Jefferson City Internships: George Connor discussed the efforts being made to recruit students to participate in this internship program. He will follow up with an email with more information.

4. CHPA Research Seminar: Heads were asked to poll their faculty to see who would like to participate in this new development effort in the college. Once names are submitted to the Dean, he will arrange a meeting with them.

5. Administrative Rounds: Members of the President’s Administrative Council will be visiting the colleges in order to see the facilities and to have impromptu conversation with faculty and staff. They will visit Strong Hall on Oct. 21st between 9:00-11:00 am.

6. Differentiation of Grad and Undergrad requirements in 500/600 courses: Heads are asked to examine all 500/600 level course syllabi to ascertain that they make clear distinction between course requirements for undergraduate and graduate students.

7. Searching for majors with 100+ hours: Laurie Wilson will be asked to run the necessary report to identify college majors who have over 100 hours, but have not yet applied to graduate. Heads will then be asked to contact these students to see if they require assistance in completing their degree.

8. Per course PAF training: All Heads are required to attend this training for on-line PAF’s for per course instructors.

9. Digital Measures changes on Teaching section: Changes have been made within Digital Measures to allow for reporting of thesis direction and readings courses so that faculty receive a better accounting of their workload.

Dates and Deadlines:

September 17 Civic Engagement Conference, 9:00 am to 3:30 pm in PSU Ballroom

September 21 Alice Bartee Speaker Series, MO Supreme Court Justice Laura Denvir Stith, Kentwood Hall, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

September 28 Faculty submit Tenure and/or Promotion dossier to Department Heads and External Reviews due to Department
Heads for inclusion in the dossier

September 28 Religious Studies presents Michael Ward, on "C.S. Lewis, Narnia, & Medieval Cosmology," 7:00 pm in PSU Theater.

September 29 Department Heads submit Promotion dossiers to Department Committee

September 29 Majors Fair - PSU Ballroom

September 29 Constitution Day Lecture, with the assistance of a Miller Center grant, presents Steve Wirls (Rhodes
College), "Character and Constitution in Thomas Jefferson's Thought," at 4:00 PM, LIB 10

September 30 Bears in the Know Luncheon featuring David Mitchell (ECO) at 11:30 am in Meyer Alumni Center

September 30 Digital Measures workshop at 3:30 pm in STRO 306