October 7, 2010

Department Heads Meeting

October 7, 2010

Present: Victor Matthews, Pam Sailors, Ardeshir Dalal, George Connor, Tom Dicke, Karl Kunkel, Jack Llewellyn, Kirby Hanson.

Dates to Remember:

Oct 15 2 + 2 Plan with OTC due

Oct 20 Provost Open Forum, 3:00-5:00 pm, PSU East Ballroom

Oct 20 CHPA Scholarship Banquet, 6:00 pm, PSU 400

Oct 23 Homecoming

Oct 29 CHPA Research Forum, Tricia McTague (SOC), “Cultivating Consent, Reaping Resistance: Identity-Based Control and Unionization at a High-End Natural Food Company,” 3:30 in STRO 202.

The Dean will be attending a conference in Lincoln, NE from Oct 24-26. Pam Sailors will be in charge.

Items for Discussion:

  1. Diversity Hiring Policy: the current draft of the policy was discussed and it was noted that chairs of search committees must work with Jana Estergard to insure that before telephone interviews take place the pool of qualified applicants is sufficiently diverse.
  2. CHPA Goals: the previously distributed draft of the college goals were discussed, but no further changes were suggested. The draft has been submitted to the Provost.
  3. College Budget Process: at the direction of the President, a college budget committee has been formed. They will meet with Nila Hayes on Oct 29th for a presentation on university financial processes and then begin their work with the Dean in a series of meeting to analyze and discuss the college budget and make suggestions on controlling costs and identifying potential cuts in the college budget in anticipation of state-mandated cuts.

Following the meeting with the faculty senate representatives, the committee membership was announced -- 

Victor Matthews, Chair, Dean

Tim Stipp, CHPA Budget Officer, ex-officio

Ardeshir Dalal, ECO Head

Reed Olsen, ECO

Marc Cooper, HST

Jack Knight, PHI

Patrick Scott, PLS

Steve Berkwitz, REL

Lora Hobbs, Senior Instructor, REL

John Harms, SOC

  1. 2 + 2 Plan for OTC and for West Plains: The OTC plan is to be sent to Donna Rebman by October 20. The template for the West Plains plan is being distributed next week.
  2. Low Completer Review, Course Transformation, and Collaboration Efforts: Four representatives will be sent to a statewide conference on these topics in Columbia on Oct 25-26. They are Ardeshir Dalal (ECO), George Connor (PLS), Pam Sailors (PHI), and Eric Nelson (HST). The MDHE reporting form on low completer programs will be distributed next week. Only PHI is on this list for review.
  3. Student Success and Retention measures: see the new OLAP cube on retention and select the report Retention-Main (QuickView): While the university retention rate has dropped slightly, most CHPA programs continue to do well and in some cases (DSS) have exceeded the proposed 80% retention rate goal.
  4. PEC Diversity Survey: those departments that have diversity activities are asked to report them to the PEC for use in the NCATE accreditation report.
  5. Connection of Learning Assessment Measures with Departmental policy and curricular reform: Jack Llewellyn (REL), a member of the university assessment committee, encouraged Heads to speak with Chantal Levesque-Bristol about their departmental assessment plans.

THREE seminar opportunities are available to faculty and staff. If you would like to register, please use the registration links immediately below. They are available also via the Master Calendar and in the Provost Communiqué in consecutive weeks.

Event Websites:

  1. The Keys to a Culture of Assessment: Value and Respect
  2. Practicing Learner-Centered Teaching in Large Classes
  3. Online Group Work: Making it Meaningful and Manageable