October 5, 2006

Department Heads’ Meeting Minutes

October 5, 2006 – 11:00 a.m.

Michael Sheng (HST), Pam Sailors (PHI/ECO), Jim Moyer (REL), Karl Kunkel (SOC), and Lorene Stone.


Upcoming Deadlines/Important Dates

October 9 Higher Ed Leadership Forum, 3:00 p.m., UniversityPlaza

October 19 & 20 CHPA Grant Writing Workshop.

October 25 CHPA Scholarship Banquet

Dean Stone will be out-of-town this afternoon and tomorrow and Associate Dean Matthews will not return from China until October 16.Dr. Moyer volunteered to assist should a College emergency arise.

Provost McCarthy is planning to have get-acquainted lunches with Department Heads campus-wide throughout the academic year.

The Provost is developing a Faculty Leadership Forum to encourage faculty to enter the area of academic administration and is in the process of forming a committee to help determine curriculum.Dean Stone selected Dr. Mark Given (REL) to serve as the CHPA representative.

Dean Stone distributed handouts on President Nietzel’s Leadership Institute and asked the Department Heads to attend the forums.

Provost McCarthy’s Midterm Report to Faculty should be forthcoming in a week or two.

Decisions should be made by November 15, 2006, on the Provost’s Incentive Proposals.A total of 33 proposals have been submitted (including six from CHPA) for amounts between $9,000 to $150,000.


President Nietzel has reconstituted the Compensation Committee and will make the final call on issues of weights and evaluations.Submissions to Dean Stone in mid-October should include faculty names together with weights (which may or not be the same) for both 2005 and 2006.Any questions should be directed to the President, the Provost, or the committee.

Sabbaticals will now be funded by Colleges and CHPA applications will be due to Dean Stone on November 6. By the first part of November, a college sabbatical committee will be formed with one representative from each department. Dean Stone will recommend that faculty submitting applications include a replacement cost plan and also have had prior discussion with his/her Department Head about planning.She mentioned that sabbatical eligibility should not be construed to mean sabbatical entitlement.

The latest version of Department Head Roles/Terms was distributed at Academic Council and the Deans are to provide feedback.

Summer enrollment incentives figures were distributed at Academic Council; CHPA earned $2,175.Department Heads were asked to consider how best to use these funds.

Department Heads discussed proposals for classroom upgrades either to the Carrington Auditorium OR the Library Auditorium, with the consensus of opinion being that development of the Library Auditorium would be the favored project.

Dean Stone asked the Department Heads to schedule a time with her (20-30 minutes) in the next week to look over and compare numbers in the Delaware, Arkansas, and South Dakota benchmarking models with department SCH data.