October 15, 2015

Minutes of Department Heads’ Meeting

October 15, 2015

Present: Victor Matthews, Pam Sailors, Steve Berkwitz, Ken Brown, George Connor, Kathleen Kennedy, Scott Morris, Andy Johnson


Summer and Fall 2016 Intersession Proposals – due to Heads on October 23rd

Fall Showcase – October 31st in PSU

Benefits Open Enrollment – Oct. 13 to Nov. 20
Sabbatical Applications due November 2nd. Policies and the application form are available on-line at this page and in FH 7.2.1.

Summer and Fall 2016 Draft Schedule -- due November 2nd

Sabbatical Reports – due November 2nd

PSIP Applications – due Dec. 11, 2015 PSIP Applications

Discussion Items:

1. Budget Update – after consulting with Greg Rainwater (Provost’s Office) and Sarah Caldwell (Financial Services) the Dean has made the decision to fully fund the salaries of all six Senior Instructors in the College starting with this fiscal year. The plan will be to fully fund the salaries of additional long-term Instructors in coming years.

2. Building Rounds - Oct. 21 between 9:00 – 11:00 am – Heads are asked to announce this event to their faculty and let them know that this will give them the opportunity to raise questions with the President or Provost during their informal tour of Strong Hall.

3. Fall and Summer schedule building – Heads are reminded that the summer schedule will be scrutinized to minimize costs to the college while continuing to provide as full a schedule of mostly on-line courses. If any have questions as they develop their schedules, they should consult the Dean.

4. Being Aware of each other’s course schedule – Just as a reminder, the Heads are asked to examine the course schedules of other departments to insure that courses with similar topics are not competing with each other for day and time slots and that in some cases courses should be considered for inclusion in majors outside their department.

5. External Program Review 
- Time Line: Program Review Timeline

6. Tom Down’s annual visit – The Washington, DC-based lobbyist will be available to speak with Heads and faculty on November 19th at 9:45 am in CAR 203. Those who wish to speak with him should bring a two-page “white paper” describing their grant proposal interests.

7. Long-Range Plan feedback: Long-Range Plan - November 1st deadline

Dates and Deadlines:

October 16 Deadline for applications: Study Away Exploratory Travel Funds 

October 19 Department Committee submits Promotion recommendations (with rationale) to Heads
Faculty applicants receive committee reports and must review, sign, and return to
Department within three business days (Oct. 19-21, 2015)

October 19 Summer and Fall 2016 Intersession Course Proposals due to Department Heads

October 20 Public Affairs Convocation, featuring Wes Moore, JQH Arena, 7:00 pm

October 27 Preregistration for spring 2016 classes begins

October 30 Summer and Fall 2016 Intersession Course Proposals due to Dean

October 30 Deadline for submission of summer 2016 Faculty Fellowships --Faculty Fellowships