March 8, 2007

Department Heads’ Meeting Minutes

March 8, 2007 – 11:00 a.m.

Michael Sheng (HST), Brendan McKiernan (MIL), Pam Sailors (PHI/ECO), Beat Kernen (PLS), Jim Moyer (REL), Karl Kunkel (SOC/ANT/CRM), Lorene Stone and Victor Matthews.


  • Upcoming Deadlines/Important Dates

March 8 Provost Research Forum (PSU 313, 12:00 noon) – Dominic Capeci (HST) is presenting.

March 13 Severe Weather Drill (Tuesday, 1:30 p.m.)All faculty (including those teaching at this time) and staff should be notified about this statewide drill.Faculty administering exams at this time must be cleared prior to the drill in order to remain in their classrooms with students.

March 19-23 Spring Break

April 14 MSU Graduate Interdisciplinary Forum (PSU) The deadline for submitting abstracts is March 12; those departments with graduate programs are encouraged to participate.

  • Dean Stone commended the Department Heads for improved portfolio organization and committee thoroughness in the tenure/promotion process, and announced that she is supporting all applications.
  • Dean Stone was joined by the Department Heads in congratulating Jim Moyer for receiving the John Gammie Distinguished Scholar Award at the recent Southwest Commission on Religion.
  • Dean Stone requested nominations from each department for the University Awards Committee.Names should be given to Terrel Gallaway, CHPA College Council Chair, prior to March 13.


The remainder of the meeting was devoted to comparisons of the Compensation Plan composite scores and performance categories across the various departments.