March 31, 2011

Minutes CHPA Department Heads Meeting

March 31, 2011

Present: Victor Matthews, Pam Sailors, George Connor, Tom Dicke, Ardeshir Dalal, Karl Kunkel, Jack Llewellyn

Dates to Remember:

April 2 Graduate Interdisciplinary Forum, 8:00 am to 3:00 pm in the PSU

April 4 Sequenced registration begins for summer and fall 2011

April 6 Qubad Talabani, “The American Legacy in Iraq,” PSU 313, 7:30 pm

April 8 Hermann Jaeger Exhibition, Springfield Discovery Center, 6:00 pm

April 12-15 7th Annual Public Affairs Conference

April 16 Spring Showcase, 9:30 am-1:00 pm, PSU

Items for Discussion:

Equity Adjustment Requests: It was noted that 30 members of the CHPA faculty had made equity requests and that the Deans were planning on announcing their decisions by April 15. We are still waiting for a final dollar figure available for the funding of these requests.

Spring 2012 course schedule: Heads were asked to provide the Dean with their spring 2012 schedule by the end of April and were reminded to have faculty feedback by that time.

Hiring Update: The search for the African American Historian is now at the point where an offer is being made to the top candidate. Three candidates for the History Dept Head position will be on campus during the next month for an interview. The Dean is finalizing the hiring plan for FY13 and will present it to the Provost on April 14th.

Scheduling of major speakers or programs in 2011-2012: Heads are asked to supply information and dates for major speakers that will be invited to campus in the coming academic year. At this point no contracts have been signed.

AIM Dashboard and Annual Report: Kathy Coy has offered to provide additional training on the use of the AIM Dashboard. The Heads requested that she be contacted about access to information on the number of minors prior to fall 2009.

Recruiting and Student Success efforts: The majors’ survey will be made available to our students starting April 7th. Dr. Sailors and Dr. Kunkel has worked together to put it on a new on-line survey server and after testing the Heads will be able to inform students that it will be active for a two week period.