February 17, 2011

CHPA Department Heads Meeting

February 17, 2011

Present: Victor Matthews, Pam Sailors, George Connor, Ardeshir Dalal, Karl Kunkel, Jack Llewellyn, Eric Nelson (substituting for Tom Dicke)

Dates to Remember:

Feb 17 Provost Open Forum, 3:00 pm, PSU 400

Feb 17 CHPA Faculty Forum, Cigdem Cidam, “A Work of Art or a Labor of Love? Rousseau on Artistic Creation, Love and the Social Contract,” 3:30 pm, STRO 202

Feb 28 Critical Inquiry Colloquium, Elizabeth Rottenberg (DePaul U.), “Forgetting Sexuality, Remembering Catastrophe,” 3:00pm, LIB 101.

Discussion Items:

1. Developing calendar of speakers for 2011-2012: with the idea of staging an event for community leaders and members of the Founders’ Club in fall 2011, colleges have been asked to submit a list of nationally known speakers who will be on campus next academic year. Heads were asked to supply information from their departments by the end of March.

2. BOG Faculty Spot Light: the Provost has requested that each Dean submit a list of potential faculty speakers for BOG and Administrative Council meetings. Heads suggested some faculty whose research and community connections would be good candidates for this list.

3. Equity Adjustments: The Dean shared a list of faculty who according to CUPA data fall below 85% of the median salary. To fund equity adjustment requests from these faculty, reallocation would be necessary from Ongoing Salary Savings. The Provost’s office has agreed to match equity awards for tenured faculty. Heads were given salary data and asked to remind faculty that the deadline for submission of an equity request to the Dean’s office is March 18, 2011. They should set an earlier deadline for receipt of these requests from their faculty to give them time to formulate their recommendation to the Dean.

4. “Next Level” document: a draft, one-page document detailing current and potential academic initiatives in the college and between colleges was discussed and several suggestions were made to improve it before it is submitted to the Provost.

5. Intercollegiate Initiatives: as part of the general brainstorming on reallocation of a 1-2% portion of the college’s Ongoing Salary Savings, some discussion occurred on potential intercollegiate initiatives such as assistance with writing intensive courses (creating a college writing center or assigning graduate students to assist with writing assignments) and greater efforts to promote undergraduate research.

6. Annual Report Template: the Heads were informed that a committee headed by Kathy Coy is currently at work on this year’s template for the annual report. More on this will come later.