December 8, 2010

CHPA Department Heads Meeting

December 8, 2010

Present: Victor Matthews, Pam Sailors, George Connor, Ardeshir Dalal, Tom Dicke, Karl Kunkel, Jack Llewellyn.

Items discussed:

  1. Continued revision of the College goals: As part of the effort to match college goals with those in Academic Affairs and the Long-Range Planning document, the Heads made additional suggestions that were incorporated into the current draft (available for review in the Dean’s Office).
  2. Current discussions with the college and AA budget committees: centered on new financial reports being developed by Financial Services and the continued deliberations of both the college budget committee and the work of the Academic Affairs Budget Committee to gain a clear sense of the situation.
  3. NCAT conference (see links below) on February 18 in Columbia, MO: after discussion it was determined that faculty from ECO, HST, PLS, and SOC will be asked to attend this conference as a fact finding exercise and not necessarily to follow the NCAT model for course transformation (see links below).
  4. Supplemental course fee revisions: the Heads were reminded that the yearly call for course fee revisions has been announced in case they wish to submit a fee revision request.
  5. Discussions for the spring semester on differential workload policies and revision of P & T documents: the Heads were asked to inject these topics into their department meetings in the light of the continued efforts at course transformation, and the inclusion of applied research in the university’s mission. It is expected that without merit money in the coming year that peer evaluation will take place according to the individual departmental plans and recorded for future reference when money once again becomes available.
  6. A review of current faculty searches was presented.

NCAT Readiness Assessment criteria

There are a number of tools on the NCAT website, including "How to get Started" on the NCAT Planning page.